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  • God’s Perfect Plan [Whole Bible – Day 1]

    God has a perfect plan and order for everything. Nothing in history has caught Him off guard. Nothing you have done at your absolute worst has shocked and surprised Him in the least. He has seen you in your wickedness, in your darkest and most private thoughts, in your most tempting desires, in your most foolish actions — and He still says, “Come see what I have planned for you from even before the foundations of the heavens and the earth. Come see how I have offered and demonstrated and proven my love for you.”

    Whether prostitute who recognized the power of God to come to the aid of God’s people in the Old Testament and to be found in the lineage of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, or prodigal son returned home to his loving father, or thief on the cross with nothing to offer but a humble faith in Christ alone to save him — He knows you and He loves you, and He calls you out of that old life to come and walk with Him now.

    Hallelujah! That’s Good News! That’s Amazing News! That’s life altering and direction changing and chain breaking news!

    Today’s reading is:

    Genesis 1

    Genesis 2

    Matthew 1

    Listen to Genesis 1 ESV by Harold (SparkleCityHop) on #SoundCloud

    Listen to Genesis 2 ESV by Harold (SparkleCityHop) on #SoundCloud

    Listen to Matthew 1 ESV by Harold (SparkleCityHop) on #SoundCloud

    Want to join us on this journey of reading the Bible together in 1 Year? Install the YouVersion Bible app, set up your profile, and then “Search for Friends” and I’m “Harold Ballinger” send me a friend request and I’ll be happy to add you to our study. God bless!

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  1. Amen! Abundant blessings on you and your family as you follow Him and His presence!

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