Released Time @ Spartanburg District 1

District One Released Time, referred to as D1RT by those lovingly close to its mission, follows in the footsteps of the National Released Time movement that started over 100 years ago in 1914:

I was blessed to assist with this program, first on the board, and then for a year as the Executive Director until family responsibilities called me to ministering to my elderly grandparents in our home.

In my year as executive director, I built the website at , and assisted in process efficiency and organization for:

– Centralized communications (email, text and phone) for both internal team communications and external communications

– Unified marketing presence (website and social media)

– Curriculum review and standardization

– Secretary of State Charitable Organization registration and filings

– Safety Plans

– Expanded involvement and partnership with the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce

We must continue serving and reaching our children with the Good News of Jesus Christ now, so that we don’t have to try and reach so many of them later in the jails, prisons, etc. where we also go.