[Spruce Pine] Proverbs 7 Questions

Chapter 7 – Warning

1) What is wisdom meant to warn this man of? (Verse 5)

2) How does it describe the woman? (Verse 11)

3) What does she seek to do? (Verse 21)

4) What is the consequence? (Verses 26-27)

Cross References

From the perspective of spiritual adultery, how does the new testament warning in Hebrews 10:26-31 confirm and agree with what we have read in Proverbs chapter 7?

[Spruce Pine] Proverbs 6 Questions

Chapter 6 – Spiritual Adultery

1) What are the things God hates? (Verses 16-19)

2) What does he say counsel is supposed to do? (Verses 22-23)

3) What does he say about adultery? (Verses 26-33)

4) What does he say about the consequence? (Verses 34-35)

Cross References

What do the first two of the 10 commandments as provided by God in Exodus tell us about God’s perspective on idolatry?

What does James 4:4-5 tell us about spiritual adultery towards God?