He loves YOU

Yes. Christ loves YOU.
Yes, He loves even YOU that laughs and mocks posts like this.
Yes, He loves you who claim to be a Christian but are far from God, living deep in sin and rebellion against God’s will.
Yes, He loves you who judge and condemn others, not seeing that you are blind, naked, and in darkness.
Yes, He loves even me, the great hypocrite who wallowed in my sin like a happy pig in mud, who myself mocked and scoffed at the truth, but who now speaks of faith and righteousness and repentance.

There is such power in that name.

There is healing in that name.

There is life in that name.


Is He yours tonight, friend?
Have you spoken with Him lately?
Is He alive in your life, touching hearts, serving others and bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit through your daily walk?

I encourage you, friend. We can each be blessed with more love in our lives.
Remember your first love.
Hear His voice, feel His redeeming touch on your life tonight.

1 John 4:19

We love because He first loved us.

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