Religious People

Has the hatred of religious people attacked you?

Yes, I have been attacked by the religious, I can remember the venom dripping from their lips.

Have you been told by religious people as a child that you are an abomination before God because of something your parents did?

Yes, I have been a child under attack by the religious, I know the judgement and the accusation in their eyes and their words.

Even today –

Have you been told by religious people that you shouldn’t be sharing the Word of God with others because of past sins in your life?

Yes, I have been attacked by the religious, I can remember their fiery words like arrows flying through the sky.

Even as I walk this walk –

Have you been told by religious people that you shouldn’t be visiting churches and praying for them because you don’t meet the biblical qualifications to care about and pray over ministries?

Yes, have been attacked by the religious, I can remember them standing in the way of good with the metaphorical pitch fork in their hand trying to block my path.

Even as I share this message of love and grace –

Have you been told by religious people that you are mistaken and misled, and told that God is not loving,  but filled with wrath and punishment and is only to be feared?

I have been attacked by the religious, I can remember hurting for their pain,  for their separation from God, for their blindness and hardness of heart that separates them from the Love and mercy and forgiveness of a Father God that I call my own.

So what is the deal?

You see, the weapons they used against me did not prosper, in fact,  these attacks were turned for my good. I am now stronger as a result of those things that I have been through.

And these people are not my enemies.

I love them.

I forgive them.

They are misled.

They do not know what they are doing.

Some of these are the same that crucified my Jesus.

Some of these are the same that murdered the prophets of the Lord.

Some of these are the ones that committed horrible atrocities in the name of religion.

They are the evil Spirits that hide in the darkness of men’s hardened hearts.

Even those that did not know my Christ at the time – they will know Him soon enough.

Even if they thought that what they did was done in evil,  they will see that it was done for a purpose, and that I have not been harmed by their careless words or actions – nor do I hold it against them. For all is being used for His glory and honor,  even if we are unaware.

I pray that you know Him now, that you hear His voice. Because a day will come when there is no more opportunity to receive this gift of grace.

On that day every knee will bend and every head will bow, and all will know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

You say to me,  “But you sound so religious! Don’t you contradict yourself?”

If you hear my words and think them to be religious,  you are mistaken.

Religion is of man. I serve no man’s religion. I serve a living God who knows my name. I am His and He is mine.

You say, “Here he goes again trying to sell me his high and mighty religion. He thinks he is so righteous.”

Apart from Christ, I deserve one thing, and that is death and eternal separation from God. And God has every right to send me there because of the life that I have lived. Even my repentance now does not wipe away my life of depravity and self serving nature seeking every wicked pleasure that could be found.

I deserve hell,  and my fear of the justice of God sending me where I deserve to go is only surpassed by my faith in His promise of this Grace and mercy and forgiveness. So however filthy you know me to be from the mistakes in my life, you don’t know a fraction of it,  friend. Cover your eyes in shame at the life that I lived outside of the grace of my Savior,  because any good you can catch a glimpse amongst this wretched life is His work through me.

But His promise is true that He sent His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him will receive life,  true life, everlasting life, a life filled with those things that matter most.

And if you believe that I have something to sell –

I seek no titles of religious honor.

I seek no exaltations from men.

I seek no monetary tribute for this Word that I share freely just as grace was extended freely unto me!

I don’t seek to convert you,  or save your soul, or force a religion on you. If this Word is not for your ears, and you will not hear the warnings of truth, I cannot keep you from the path that you choose – just like no religious person could save me when I was lost. Only Christ,  only this Word of God,  can save anyone. I am just a vessel carrying the message.

I have faith that this Word of God will not fall on deaf ears.  See past the religion.  Hear the Word that spills from my heart by way of this Holy Spirit of Christ in me.

Jesus Christ is the way,  the truth,  and the life. He is the hope for the hopeless, the love for the unlovable, the touch for the untouchable, and redemption for the unworthy.

Don’t settle for an empty life of condemnation without a purpose that lasts and is meaningful and fulfilling. Seek out those things that are greater than self. Know this love. Hear Him drawing you near.

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