Am I resisting?

1 Peter 5:8-9 ESV
Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.


How much resistance am I showing today?

Am I examining those things in my life that need to change that aren’t glorifying God?

When I’m aware of those things that need to change (and when I’ve prayed for change in that area) –

Am I walking through that trial by resisting the temptation AND relying on my faith in Christ to carry me through – or am I expecting God to be a personal genie and make everything easy with no trials or challenges?

Resisting requires effort and faith on our part. This is the testing and proving of our faith. And it is through this testing and proving that we truly learn that God’s promises are true and He is faithful.

So daily, I look at myself and ask – am I trying to sail through on this promise of heaven, using Jesus as a get out of hell free card for myself, buy missing out on my purpose in this Kingdom work that is in front of me today?

How many opportunities will I miss to make corrections in my own life that might have an impact either positively or negatively on others based on my decisions, actions, and words today?

Every decision that I make carries consequences – it can either bring more of Christ’s light into this world today, or it can allow more darkness. My attitude, which is visible in my actions and words will have an impact on others today.

Every action that I take – even whether or not I hold the door for someone at a restaurant today will either be an opportunity for more love or a lost opportunity.

Every word that I speak can either draw someone closer, or push them further away. Words have power.

Truth spoken from a hard, hardened and judgemental stance is still truth, but it may push people away from light and truth if there is no VISIBLE love in the eyes of the person receiving.

Truth spoken as loving, kind, and gentle is easier to be received by those who don’t yet know whether or not they can trust you. If you don’t have someone’s trust, hitting them over the head with a sword isn’t the best way to show them that they are not your enemy.

Yes, truth sometimes must be spoken boldly and directly as a warning, but without any foundation for trust – will we look like an enemy or a friend?

Let’s remember, everyone struggles just as we do. Other men and women of flesh and blood need mercy and forgiveness and healing just like we do. Let’s not forget the sinners that we are if it was not for this free gift of grace and salvation. Is there anyone foolish enough to think they are worthy by their own works?

So, I hope that I can be prepared for those opportunities today – those opportunities to see what in me can be a better example of the Christ that I have in me. That I will not overlook the opportunities to show love and share love in my thoughts, attitude, actions, and words today.

And that somewhere, beneath all of these imperfections and shortcomings and failings of my walk in the flesh – a ray of light of Christ’s love might break through and shine or to touch another life today. Not so that anyone might see me doing good, but so they might experience for themselves this Christ that is mine.

I love you, friend.

Let’s be the Christ in us.

Let’s follow this Holy Spirit guidance.

Let’s resist the evil.

And let’s see the truth of Christ’s love, and of this free gift of grace touch lives today and until He returns.

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