Know Him

1 Samuel 12:24 NLT
But be sure to fear the Lord and faithfully serve him. Think of all the wonderful things He has done for you.


If we don’t know the Lord, we have much to fear. If we only run to prayer when we need something, if we turn back to our old lives and only run to God when there is a challenge to be faced – can we say with confidence that we know the Lord? Or can we only say that we know ABOUT the Lord?

As we faithfully serve and get to know God, that fear is still awe and amazement – but we learn that God isn’t a great genie in the sky that waits to grant our wishes, He desires a relationship with us. Yes, this Creator God, this Almighty God, this Eternal God – He actually is interested in our little lives. And as we go through trials and learn and grow, we learn to praise Him and ask for His guidance in the good times and the challenging times, for the small things and the big things – we don’t just let the wind of our circumstances dictate whether or not we are remembering God, seeking God, praising God, and worshipping God. This is how we learn to be rooted in our foundation upon the rock of our faith, Jesus Christ.

And as we are faithful, as we seek Him, we will be drawn close to Him. We will know His voice. He will speak to us through our prayers, through our time in the Word of God, through the words and actions of other faithful believers. It is then that we begin to know Him as friend. And once we’ve tasted that presence of God, or fear becomes a conviction to not lose this closeness, to not become separated from God by our sins.

So yes, fear may look different depending on our walk, but if we have no fear of God at all, can we say that we are a hopeful new believer, a faithful servant, or a friend of Jesus Christ?

So let’s receive Christ as our Lord and Savior if we do not yet have Him in our lives.

Let’s grow in this walk of faith, not being satisfied to just be a hopeful child, but let’s seek spiritual maturity.

Let’s remember to be thankful for all those blessings in our lives, and when we keep the blessings close in our memory, we will find that any challenges don’t seem so great and challenging – because we are ever aware that Christ is walking with us, and is working through us, and what stumbling block can’t be crushed under His feet or used as a stepping stone to lift up His name?

I love you, friends. Have a blessed day.

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