Who am I?

Psalm 144:3-4 ESV
O Lord , what is man that you regard him, or the son of man that you think of him? Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.


I ask myself many times, “Who am I, that when I was even still His enemy, He cares enough about me to be lifted up on a cross for my salvation?”

And I realize that if He sees value in me, if He cares enough to look over my life and protect me and guide me and teach me, that He knows a lot better than me how He plans to use my life.

So I’m sitting back, enjoying this amazing time of being awake, of being taught, of being active in this walk of faith. I don’t know where we’re going Lord, but I’m sure not going to let go of your hand!

Where could I go without you? The lawless unbelievers hate me for shedding light and truth, and the religious practicers hate me for sharing love and grace. But they hated you too, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

You are my friend, closer than a brother. These enemies surround me and use these men around me to twist my words, to spread lies about me – to still judge me by that the works of that dead body that was defeated when I was raised in life with Christ. I have no interest in the words of men, nor in earning their respect, nor in accepting their titles or trophies.

Fill my life with Christ, with Love, with these fruits of the Holy Spirit, these treasures that nourish my soul for eternity. And keep me walking this repented life of grace, of renewal, of redemption, of service, of faith, of truth, of hope, and of love.

These fleeting moments will pass quickly enough and I will be a foreigner and a traveler no more – when I return home. This life is but a passing shadow of the life ahead.

NOTE: I journal and share what I learn. I encourage anyone and everyone to discuss and share together. The point of me sharing isn’t because I think that I can teach anyone – the point of sharing is so that we might share and fellowship and learn together. So if you find anything that I share compelling, convicting, or spoken carelessly – I encourage you to respond so we can discuss. I am seeking and learning daily, and I always find value in sharing and learning together. Sometimes discussions are iron sharpening iron, sometimes they are correction, sometimes they are refinement, and sometimes they are reassurance through agreement. Any input is valued and respected and my goal is to put my own content through the same testing that I would be examining another’s. It is hard to truly be unbiased, but my goal is to seek truth, not just defend my own position/tradition. Love you, friend.

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