What am I Chasing?

HEB 13:5-6 ESV

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for He has said,

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So we can confidently say,

“The Lord is my helper;
I will not fear;
what can man do to me?”


What am I chasing?

We can usually tell by our excitement or disappointment over things that are happening in our lives.

The trick for me is to actually sit back and think about my reactions to things that have happened to me each day. How did I react?

What choice did I make when faced with a tough decision?

This begins to tell me what is guiding my thoughts,  actions,  and words.

If I see something wrong and I lash out AT IT in “punishment mode” – that tells me something different than if I choose to respond TO THEM in “loving guidance” mode – and that tells me something different than if I choose to wisely examine the situation,  pray about it,  and follow God’s instructions on how to deal with the situation.

Situation one can mean that I am being led by my emotions – an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE/REACTION to the situation.

Situation two can mean that I am being led by my pride – a SELF CENTERED or IMMATURE “I know what they need to be doing” response/reaction.

Situation three can mean that I am being patient and wise, waiting to be led by the Holy Spirit – a SPIRITUALLY MATURE evaluation of whether or not there is an opportunity for the Lord to use me as a vessel.

If I am going to chase anything,  I should be chasing the Lord.

If I have caught hold of this Holy Spirit, I surely shouldn’t want to let go of Him.

And if I have hold of this Holy Spirit in my life, if my life is being changed before my eyes,  if I am surrendered and following Him wherever He is leading, if He is welcomed into my life as a trusted friend – then what is there to fear?

That I will let go of His hand? That is probably worthy to fear if I was the only one holding on, because my grip at times may be weak – but His grip is strong. His grace is sufficient. My surrender is complete,  His victory is won,  and His promises are true.

So I don’t fear man. I don’t fear the enemy’s stumbling blocks that Christ turns into His stepping stones.

I don’t fear weapons formed against me, because Christ uses them to sharpen my skills with this sword.

I am not perfect,  and I will stumble at times because I am not yet free from this flesh – but my stumbling are not from chasing sin,  they are from running so fast towards the arms of my Savior that I may trip over something in my zeal to be in His arms and in His presence.

So even my stumblings, even my shortcomings,  let them be because I am trusting Him to guide my feet, because my whole heart,  body,  mind and soul is running to Him – is chasing after the way,  the truth, the life, down this narrow path.

I do not like the trials, but I do not fear them,  because they prove my faith.

I do not like the chastening and correction,  but I do not fear it,  because it refines my life and strengthens my walk with God.

And what can man do to me? Hurt this body I wait to be freed from? Yes,  pain and suffering may come, but even that is a blessing to be counted as sharing in the sufferings of Christ.

So help me be content.

Help me trust that God has me exactly where He needs me.

Help me be thankful that He has made me for this purpose.

Help me be mindful and obedient to His will and His teachings and His guidance for my life.
Pray for me friend,  not because I don’t trust God to fulfill His promises – pray for me that I will not forget this mercy and grace and power and honor and glory and blessing of His touch and presence.

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