Gathering in Unity

Matthew 18:20 ESV
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.


Scripture tells us that He is always with us.

So this is not about Him being with us any more or any less just because we are gathered with others.

This tells us that when we are gathered in His name with others,  He will abide with us in unity,  we will be as one,  unified each as a part of the whole. And it is this unity where we find those gems and pearls that we would not find so easily on our own.

Because,  you see the things of God like wisdom,  truth,  and love – when we share them,  they are not split in half like when we share physical treasures. No,  spiritual treasures are multiplied when we share them with others.

If I have an abundance of love and share it with you,  I walk away with no less love than I came with,  in fact,  yours is increased,  and so is mine. So this is why fellowship is so important. It is the unity of fellowship where the fruits of the Holy Spirit are multiplied, and when we share openly with each other, it has a compounding multiplying effect – because He is among us,  inhabiting our praise,  inhabiting our fellowship,  inhabiting our service unto others. And where He abides,  fruit grows abundantly.

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