His Path

Psalms 25:4 NLT
Show me the right path, O  lord ; point out the road for me to follow.


Am I asking Him to make clear the road ahead and to show me the way?

Or am I choosing a path that I want to follow because of my own personal desires and then asking God to bless it as if it was His will?

How much time do I spend telling Him what I want – instead of listening to Him since He knows what is best for me?

Do I want to settle for my own desires?

Or experience the fullness of the purpose that He has for my life?

If prayer is just me talking and not listening, what kind of relationship does that demonstrate?

Does it demonstrate that I value God’s will and purpose for my life, and that I honor Him as Almighty God and as the Lord of my life?

He will show us the right path. The question is – Are we seeking it?

If you have not yet received Christ into your life, if you have not received the baptism of his Holy Spirit living in you and through you in your daily life, if you find yourself wandering through each day without purpose – CALL OUT TO JESUS – He will save you,  He will renew you,  He will change you and show you a purpose and a path beyond anything you could build for yourself.

And if you have found Christ, are you clinging to Him today? Are you IN LOVE with this God that died for you on a cross, who loves you even when you were  trapped in your sin? Are you FREE today?

I love you, friend. Have a blessed day. May His Spirit guide you and lead you,  and may He shine so brightly in you today that the world cannot ignore the Christ that lives in YOU!

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