In His Tent

PSA 61:4 ESV
Let me dwell in your tent forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings! Selah


It is really wonderful to dwell in the presence of the Lord. So wonderful that heavenly beings in His presence never cease from singing His praises. There are moments when we catch a glimpse of the glory of God – sometimes in moments of deep praise and worship – sometimes in moments of prayer – sometimes in earth shaking Demascus road experiences. And I believe these moments are few and limited because if we had a picture of the full glory of God’s presence, our lives here and now might be too dark in comparison for us to bear.

And daily I find that if I stay mindful of God, that I am not so easily tempted and tricked by the distractions of this world. Yes, this is how I can dwell in the tabernacle of the Lord – by remembering Him and praising Him with my daily life. My body is now a temple for the Holy Spirit.

By taking captive those thoughts that should not be in this temple,  I am praising God and being faithful to His will, giving Him authority over my life. When a thought enters my mind that I know has no business being there because it doesn’t give God glory and honor, I try to take it captive and sweep it out of my mind by resisting. If I find that I am weak against a certain tempting thought, I pray and ask Jesus Christ to rebuke it and to cast it out of this,  His holy temple – and I might sing a quick simple song like Jesus Loves Me to shift my thoughts onto praising God with my life. I am not always mindful enough to do this every time,  but as each evil thought is overcome by this cleansing by the blood of Christ, it becomes a little easier to keep my focus on the things of God,  of praising Him,  and of living a renewed life.

And if I am taking captive my thoughts,  and my heart is filled with grattitude for this freer gift of grace,  then my actions and my words will follow. When we clean the inside of the cup, changes will also be visible on the outside – but it is the inside that we focus on,  because God weighs our hearts and minds,  while men judge us by what is outwardly visible. So if we are seeking God’s will,  we are focused on the internal change and healing. Those who are only seeking the approval and honor of others may put up a false front by controlling their words and actions and saying and doing “all the right things”, but without love on the inside fueling us, works are worthless.

Yes,  I still stumble. No,  I am not perfect. But I have an advocate and a Savior who lives in me and through me -“whose love fills me and changes me on the inside. And when I am living my life in rememberence of the free gift of grace and salvation that He has offered me,  my life is a living praise to Him. I’m still learning how to live that life,  day by day,  moment by moment,  choice by choice,  word by word,  action by action – but I know the change in my heart and my life,  the change on the inside. Maybe one day someone might notice a change on the outside and recognize what they to have our what they too need,  and we can spend time together,  honoring our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ,  in living fellowship together.

Have a blessed day,  friends.

Remember Christ today,  and be the Christ that lives in you, be the body of Christ pouring out His love onto others,  sharing this Good News, encouraging and equipping one another.

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