Become the Righteousness

2CO 5:21 ESV
For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.


Yes,  He defeated sin.

Yes,  He will overcome and defeat sin in our lives if we accept,  believe, and maintain our renewed relationship in Christ.

And why did He do this?

So that we together can be the bride of Christ, so that we can become the righteousness of God.

Yes, this gift of grace is free and undeserved.

He chose us,  He draws us near,  we are His children, and He is our heavenly Father. And a child doesn’t get to choose who is his Father, but they are a part of their Father because of the choice of the Father to participate in their conception, bringing life into this world in the form of a child. And so it is with our Heavenly Father.

But a child chooses whether or not to honor and obey his parents,  and the child’s choice is evidence of how much they respect and value their parents. And it is the same with our Heavenly Father. If we believe, we value His guidance and His wisdom and His presence in our lives, and we seek to obey and honor and respect the Lord,  becoming the righteousness of God through a life of faithfulness.

Our life of faithfulness is evidence of our belief, and it results in repentance,  it results in a change of heart and attitude on the inside that should manifest itself in a life changed on the outside as well so that we are fruitful and useful in serving and leading others to the truth of this Good News of Jesus Christ.

Because don’t we all have many sins that need to be forgiven?

Haven’t we all fallen short of the life and words and actions and thoughts that are righteous and honorable?

Don’t we all need redemption,  forgiveness,  mercy,  and love?

I need this Grace daily.

I believe that we all need the grace and mercy and forgiveness and renewal that only Christ Jesus can being to our lives.

Yes,  He is the way,  the truth,  and the life.

So let’s believe, and prove that belief to be more than the words of a prayer – let’s prove it to be a life lived today as a praise and honor to God.

Let’s cast off the chains of our old lives of sin,  shame,  guilt,  and regret by confessing and asking forgiveness – let’s find strength in His promises that we are forgiven – and let’s live this renewed life of repentance,  becoming the righteousness of God.

It is not too late with Christ to take that first step towards becoming the righteousness of God,  but there is a time when it will be too late. The first step is accepting and believing,  and we accomplish that by seeking first the kingdom of God. So if you haven’t accepted and believed,  I encourage you to serf the Lord in prayer. He promises that if we seek and we knock,  He will hear us and He will answer – no matter the depths of our sin and depravity and problems, He is faithful and is waiting with open arms for the retention of His prodigal sons and daughters.

Let’s run into His arms today friends.

Let’s rest in His will for our lives today.

Let’s see Christ take holds off our thoughts, words, and actions today.

Let’s see the Christ in us touch lives today with the love, mercy,  forgiveness,  healing,  encouragement,  and accountability that is needed so badly in our world today.

Let’s become the righteousness of God.

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