So who is really weak and needy?

PSA 72:12-14 ESV
For he delivers the needy when he calls, the poor and him who has no helper.  He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needy.  From oppression and violence he redeems their life, and precious is their blood in his sight.



Don’t we find that we are weak and needy in one or more areas of our lives if we look deep enough into ourselves?

The most oppressing needs and weaknesses have little to do with earthly wealth.

How rich or poor is my relationship with others, with my spouse,  my children, my parents,  my family, my friends,  my neighbors, and even those that I encounter by chance each day? Is it filled with love? Am I Loving others?

How rich or poor is my relationship with God? Am I alive with heartfelt grattitude for this gift of grace and for this Holy Spirit guidance and conviction in my life? Am I repentant and turning away from sin? Am I becoming the righteousness of God?

How rich or poor is my faithfulness? Am I truly seeking the Kingdom of God in prayer,  in Bible Study,  in praise and worship, in fellowship with other believers, in serving and loving and encouraging and holding accountable my fellow believers, and in sharing this Good News of Jesus Christ with the lost?

Yes, He has pity on me.

Yes,  He knows my weaknesses.

Yes,  He knows where my life falls short of bringing Him honor and glory.

Yes, He calls us, and saves us,  and redeems us from a life of need and weakness, because we are precious to Him.

And when we know His grace and we know that He values us, how can we remain the same? We don’t,  because we are no longer alone. We now have a helper,  a teacher, a guide, and an advocate who will help us along this path – demonstrating His strength, overcoming our weakness and providing for our need.

Jesus Christ.

He is the way,  the truth,  and the life.

He is the provider and the redeemer.

Let’s turn to Him today and see our needs meet,  our challenges overcome, our lives healed.

Let’s know redemption and renewal.

Let’s be the Christ in us, no longer the same weak and needy creature that we were, but a living servant and vessel for His use – pouring out His blessings and love onto those around us,  and as a result seeing the value of our own lives that comes in fulfilling our purpose and calling.

Have a blessed day friends, and remember that the needs of others can be filled by the Christ we have in us. Our hands can provide the answers to the prayers and the needs of others when we act as the body of Christ. Our faithful giving together as a body of believers can touch people,  fill needs,  and help them find Christ so that He can overcome the weakness in their lives as well.

We are the body of Christ.

Let’s be the Christ in us today.

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