Walk it out

PSA 130:3-4 ESV
If you, O Lord , should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?  But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared.



There is no counting up sin or counting up our good works when it comes to judging our hearts.

Our hearts are either forgiven and renewed or they aren’t.

We either believe or we don’t.

If this life was a scoreboard of religious practice,  of laws measuring us as this many points good and that many points bad – wouldn’t we all be playing on the losing team?

How encouraging it is that our faith is counted as righteousness.

But faith is not empty words,  it is a life lived “walking it out”.

And if we believe, won’t we be in awe of our creator who loves us and forgives us? Won’t we have a reverent fear knowing that we don’t deserve what we are promised?

And when our hearts change,  don’t our lives as well? Who could remain imprisoned to open rebellion in sin with no conviction to repentance if they know and respect and honor God?

The Lord disciplines those that are His and that He loves. He offers us this Grace so that we are free from the trappings of sin and so we are becoming His righteousness. That doesn’t mean that we will never stumble,  but it does mean that we will resist sin and turn away from it.

When I knew religion but was far from God,  I didn’t understand this. I didn’t believe that sin was dangerous and deadly. I didn’t take God at His Word. I thought that I could slip the “I’ve said the Jesus prayer” card in my back pocket and not live a changed life. But without a change of heart, how can we say that we know God or that He is alive in us?


This Word of God, it really works. His promises aren’t just fairy tale religious stories – the Word of God is a living portal into understanding God and those things spiritual and unseen that are everlasting while our senses can only see this physical life which is temporary. His Word is true.

I encourage you to try it for yourself, friend. Lean on Him and find that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is faithful and His promises are true.

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