Sand, Water, and Staircases

Psalms 90:12 NLT
Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.



How quick this life passes us by. We look up and days,  weeks, and years have flown by us – like grains of sand slipping through our fingers.

And if we say,  today I will rest,  today I will be comfortable – we might look up and realize that we are living a life of idleness, not using our time wisely to help others in need,  not spending time showing those that we love and care for that we actually do love and care for them. We find ourselves becoming lazy and complacent. We look back over our lives and wonder what was it all for,  did I accomplish anything of worth? Did I really make a difference in anyone’s life?  Did I help anyone else lighten their load of burdens, or was it just all about me?

But if we see the value of our time, the temporary nature of this life, the importance of seizing the day, the difference that each moment can make in our lives and the lives of others – won’t it change our attitude when our perspective shifts?

Instead of putting off until “someday”, won’t we start taking steps,  one at a time instead of just sitting down.

Yes, and when we start stepping out deeper into the water,  ignoring the depths and the crashing waves around us, won’t we one day look up to find ourselves with our feet planted firmly on the rock of Jesus Christ,  with waves crashing all around us, but we are safe and unshakeable?

Yes, and when we decide to take that next step today, and do that with every “today” that we get to see,  won’t we one day look up and see the staircase of blessings that have been a part of our life?

Yes,  we are called to wait on His return – but we are not called to be idle,  but to be busy with the work at hand. How often are we busy with the work of seeking first the Kingdom of God versus seeking personal wealth,  accolades from others, comfort, pleasure?

How we spend our time tells us not only whether or not we value our lives, but how we value this gift of grace. If we waste our lives being fruitless and lazy and complacent, we don’t realize that we have a value,  a purpose, and a mission to accomplish in this life.

What a waste is a life lived without purpose – I know this from previous experience. Because I didn’t always value my own life. In fact, I even tried to end it. You see,  when you let your life become worthless and empty,  it will lead you to some really dark places.

But when Christ lifts you up,  and you see that you are valuable in the eyes of God – valuable enough that He sent His only Son to the cross FOR YOU.

Yes,  that changes perspective.

He died FOR YOU, friend.


Yes, I’m shouting!

I’m shouting hoping to break through the deafness of those ears that don’t hear the mercy and grace and forgiveness and love and truth in those words!

I’m shouting hoping that hardened hearts will be broken and shattered to be softened by the hands of the great potter, who can remold those broken old vessels of dishonor into new, beautiful vessels that carry His love to be poured out onto others.

Because once we have Christ,  once we have this gift of the Holy Spirit in us,  guiding us,  teaching us,  convicting us to repent from our old sinful ways – once we have a reverent fear and awe of God – that He would love even me – it is then that we start to see the wisdom of living a renewed life of purpose – valuing each moment, taking each step in faith.

Because how else are we going to reach our destination if we are never walking – with our hand in His.

The first step is always the hardest,  friend, but once you get moving,  it is invigorating,  and it will get your body circulating again. Don’t be content with a dead and fruitless life today, friends.

Get up.
Take your next step.
And live the life that is yours and that is valuable.

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