Put down the strap, take your stripes!


Sometimes I see people so angry at one another, or being so hateful to each other that it makes me want to hand out leather straps to them and say –

Here, strike me for their offenses. Get rid of your anger, it is killing you. If it will help you be rid of those demons in your life, I’m willing to take the stripes.


Because what is experiencing pain from lashes if they are hearts hardened enough to take me up on my offer – compared to the testimony it offers of being a Christ follower, bearing my cross; following in His footsteps?


But even more probable, might it cause them to pause? Might it shine light on the anger and hatred and evil that controls their lives?

Do you feel like you need a Fight Club experience in your life to get rid of your anger?

Message me. Maybe we can help each other.

And there are probably many that I myself have caused pain. Would it help you to have the opportunity to get it out?

The strap is in our hand each day. Are we using it against each other in our hateful and angry words and actions towards each other?

Or are we willing to lay it down?

Are we willing to forgive?

Are we willing to show mercy?

Are we willing to accept the pain and burden inflicted,  but not pick up the strap ourselves?

Is my life about justifying why it is okay for me to pick up the strap?

Or is it about finding a way to lay it down?

I know first hand what it is like to bear the pain of the strap weilded in anger – whether we are talking physical taking my stripes, or mentally facing abuse. And neither are fun, but I’ve survived. In fact, I’m stronger because of taking my stripes.

But you know, I’ve not yet seen anyone become stronger who is weilding the strap in anger. I never look at someone who is angry and hateful and say to myself “How strong they are to let loose such anger and vengeance upon others! ”

No, the people who are proven strong are the ones who endure, who overcome, who take their stripes, but refuse to pick up the strap in retribution.

And who is strong enough to do that on their own? I need Christ for that – because my nature screams for revenge, for retribution, for justice!

He is strong. Through Him I endure. Through Him I find my strength. He becomes greater as I become less.

I’m thankful for the lesson learned from the strap – that it is not mine to weild.


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