Can I walk without stumbling?


Unfortunately, it is more common to hear the question “It’s okay if I stumble,  right?” – instead of the question “How can I walk without stumbling?”

You see, one is not only admitting past defeat, but expecting defeat in the future as well. While the other is seeking victory for their lives.


If we believe that Christ has won the victory over sin and death, should our perspective be to remain satisfied in a defeated life, or trust in the Lord to find victory in our lives.

Psalms 119:165 NLT
Those who love your instructions have great peace and do not stumble.

Yes,  this book of divine instructions – it actually has instructions for our lives. Isn’t that amazing?

Here in the Shin section of Psalm 119, we find that the message is about valuing the Word of God, it is about applying it in our lives and rejecting and detest in sinful and wicked things.


It gives us Hope in the victory that should be taking place in our lives over sin. Yes, we are meant for victory and not defeat. And we find this victory by believing Jesus. Yes,  by trusting Him and following Him as our Lord and Savior,  and accepting the Holy Spirit of Christ into us to teach us and guide us – it is there that our Hope rests for Salvation.


But our journey does not end at Hope and Salvation,  but we are seeking the Kingdom of God. We want to understand His ways and learn and grow and become more like our teacher. If we value His instruction,  if we believe, we will seek His divine instruction and how we can better apply it within our lives each day.

As we learn to love and appreciate His guidance, not just do it out of routine or practice or “self help”, but applying it in our lives because we want our lives to be a praise and honor to Him – we find that we are growing and learning. We find that we stumble less. We find that He is overcoming those things that used to trip us up,  and we are learning and changing – we are actually becoming more like our teacher, Jesus Christ.

This is why it is hard to accept that a person would accept Christ and still chase after a life of rebellion against God – because if you really value Him,  if you believe He is Almighty God, won’t you life change to reflect that?

I ask myself that continually,  not to bring up shame or guilt – but to remind myself both of the evidence of victory that I see,  and most importantly to remind me of those areas where I expect victory.

Yes, this is victory,  that He loves me – even when I was deep in sin – He loves me – enough to redeem me,  to renew me,  and to remold me into the righteousness of God,  into a reflection of the Christ that lives in me.

So let’s see victory today,  friends. Let’s love His divine instruction,  and let’s not stumble – or at least be focused on stumbling less,  trusting to see victory,  not just expecting defeat.


Let’s ask,  “Can I walk today without stumbling,  Lord?” And let’s pray for victory!

Let’s hope that we don’t have to take comfort in the fact that He will forgive us even if we do stumble – but be grateful that He is there to catch us when we do.

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