What are we waiting for?

John 5:8 ESV
Jesus said to him, “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.”

Like many others,  the helpless and powerless man had been waiting for a miracle to be worked before his very eyes, he waited for a sign, for proof. He wearily sat by the pool waiting and watching,  but no angel came, or at least did not come for him in the way he expected. He still waited, not knowing that there was One near him who could heal him in a moment with a word.

Many are in the same dilemma; waiting for some singular emotion, amazing impression,  or spiritual vision – waiting in vain and watching for things unseen. Even if we agree that in a few cases,  miracles or signs are seen,  we know these to be rare, and we should also know that no man has a right to look for them or demand them for his own proof – especially not the type of man that wouldn’t believe it and climb into the water even when he saw the miraculous occurring before his very own eyes.

It is such a sad reflection to consider the trends of thousands who are even now waiting – in their relying upon the means of their own works,  the ordinances of men, and in vows and resolutions – who are waiting in vain,  utterly in vain. Because these poor souls forget the Savior who is there in their presence,  and who offers them to simply look upon Him and be saved. He can heal them at once,  but they prefer to wait on miraculous proof, to wait for a sign.

But to trust Him is the sure way to receive every blessing,  and He is worthy of our every confidence – but their unbelief makes them prefer the cold porches of Bethesda to the warm embrace of His heart. Oh, may the Lord look upon so many who are in this state tonight, may He forgive the disrespect we show for His divine power, and may He call us with that sweet soft voice, to rise from our beds of despair,  and in the energy of faith,  take up our beds and walk.

Oh,  Lord,  hear our prayer at this calm hour, and before the day ends, let us look to you and live!

Considerate reader, is there anything in this portion for you,  today?

[ Adapted from Charles Spurgeon – Mornings and Evenings – May 7 Evening ]

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