Where are we headed today?

Life done well takes focus and purpose.

Proverbs 17:24 NLT
Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.


If we set off for a destination without a plan for how to get there,  aren’t we doomed for failure?

If we stop at every attractive roadside store to buy up trinkets and supplies, and if we stop at every restaurant to gobble up the tasty delicacies, and if we stop to help and spend time with everyone along the road – will we reach our planned destination? Or will we realize that the stops have become our new destination and that our original plan lies crumpled on the floor?


Yes, without focus and a purpose, are we headed in a direction at all, or drink and asleep behind the wheel waiting for the inevitable obstacle to come into contact with our vehicle?

And aren’t we so foolish to blame the tree for crashing into our car? We look at our circumstances and overlook who has been driving us to this destination. We overlook that even in a trial there is a lesson being taught. We misunderstand the strengthening that comes through discipline as if it were punishment, and we lash out because we don’t want to accept that our way isn’t necessarily the best way for us.

Yes, wisdom takes focus.

But how many of us are asleep at the wheel with certain areas of our life?


How many of us are driving the vehicle to our own destinations and stops instead of listening to our great navigator who will lead us to the true destination and purpose that we are meant to fulfill?

How many of us have asked Jesus to ride along with us, but we act like we know the way on our own, driving prideful forward along the road,  hoping that we are headed the right direction?

How few times do we focus on wisdom,  slow down our lives,  and ask Him at each intersection where we should be headed?

How many times have we found ourselves of course because we weren’t focused,  yet He is always willing to help us get back on track towards our destination?


Oh,  how I must weary the Lord. Seriously, if I was in His place as the navigator and dealing with such a foolish driver, I would probably ask to get out and walk,  for fear that we are never going to reach our destination.

But He is faithful. He does not leave us.

But He will let us encounter obstacles when we are ignoring His Word. And  I pray that we would encounter those guardrails that keep us on the road when we are not listening,  but even moreso I pray that we will stop driving like spoiled children only interested in our own way,  that we would wake up,  grow up,  and start walking in His will and purpose and direction for our lives.

You have a purpose friend.

You have a destination.

Where are you headed?

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