Watch me, but don’t see me

I don’t know that I can explain Christ to you with my words alone.


But look at me closely,
and see the tears of joy,
listen to the songs of praise,
feel the touch of the helping hand,
contemplate the faith during trials,
experience the gentle forgiveness –
And you might catch a glimpse,
Of Christ who lives in me,
Because these are His.

But you must look past me,

Past my pride of expectation and entitlement,
Past my selfish nature that seeks honor and glory for the almighty I,
Past my lack of compassion and consideration for others,
Past my weakness and doubt,
Past my emotional responses to my circumstances,
Past my contempt towards those who I mistake as my enemy,
Because these are me.

Don’t watch me,
Don’t follow me,
I fear where that might lead you,  friend.

But look for the glimpses of Christ who I know lives in me –
not in every moment as I would like it to be, 
not in every word as I hope that it could be,
Not in all my actions as I long for it to be,
Not in every thought as I cry out for it to be –

But as a seed that has broken from its shell and spreads roots through the darkness of the ground,
He grows in me and is lifting me up towards the light,
So that my roots will grow deep, and my branches will grow wide,
And they will be filled with the nourishing fruit of love,  joy,  peace,  patience,  kindness,  goodness,  faithfulness, long suffering,  and self discipline.

Let’s look for the fruit,  friends.

Let’s fertilize each other with encouragement and accountability and wise counsel and friendship and genuine care for each other,  so that we might grow tall and strong and fruitful.

Because you aren’t supposed to just look for the evidence of Christ in me,
You are to see and recognize the Christ who lives in you and is bearing fruit within your branches,
Or realize the absence of abundant fruit in your life and seek Him out.

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