Love, where subtraction is replaced by multiplication
The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.


There are all kinds of ways for us to be generous. We can be generous with our money, with our time, with our words, with our actions,  with our forgiveness.

And what is generosity? Isn’t it leaving our focus on self and turning to ficus on the needs of others? Isn’t it love made evident? Isn’t it love manifested, the visible, physical evidence of an invisible love on the inside of us?

And doesn’t worldly logic tell us – in order to be prosperous,  you must hold on with a tight grip to what is yours, and you must keep as much for yourself as possible?

But you see,  there are two types of treasure in this world – physical and spiritual. And while we can see and touch the physical treasures, it is the unseen spiritual treasures of things like love, generosity,  kindness, gentleness,  peace,  patience,  and goodness that are most valuable. This is because when we have the spiritual treasures firmly in hand, our lives will be blessed with the physical treasures to help us along our path.

It comes down to whether we are seeking physical treasures or sororities treasures. If we are chasing physical treasures, we have not killed the desires of the flesh and we are still walking in the flesh. If we are seeking the Kingdom of God, if we have set our sights upon those high,  spiritual things,  we are walking in the Spirit and we understand what is truly of value.

So we must surrender our sinful desires that focus on self and we can then find prosperity.

But how does this happen,  you might ask? It doesn’t make sense.  If I give it away,  I will have less.

If this is your mindset, I understand,  friend. It was mine too when my eyes were veiled and I only consisted myself. But the glory of the truth of God’s word becomes evident once we are unveiled and once we begin to see past the banks of our own eyelids.

You see,  the world is filled with people in need of hope and love and kindness and healing and forgiveness. And these things are the gifts that when we truly receive them,  we realize their value. It is clear to us the meaninglessness of wealth when we have no hope or joy. It is clear that once we lay our hands on true spiritual treasures,  that we understand it’s value.

So can’t you understand that if we gather a community,  a group of individuals, who understand the value of those things spiritual,  and who are generous to each other,  that all will benefit from the common generosity that grows together? Isn’t a grove of mighty fruit bearing trees by the river a great reminder of Eden.

So once we find the river of living waters,  we don’t just keep it to ourselves. We share these living waters with others. And we are blessed by their presence amongst us. And we are one body of Christ, manifesting His love as we are generous and caring towards others. And this life, is a truly prosperous life – both spiritually and physically.

Be generous and find prosperity.

Because when we give love to others, we aren’t subtracting from our own supply, we are multiplying –

by planting seeds that will grow and bear many fruit,  which will in turn have many seeds to be planted.

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