Grace isn’t Cheap

Today’s Manna – Our Daily Bread

And some of the wise will fall victim to persecution. In this way, they will be refined and cleansed and made pure until the time of the end, for the appointed time is still to come.


Life Application Devotional
God’s messenger described a time of trial when even wise believers may stumble. This could mean (1) falling into sin, (2) being fearful and losing faith, (3) mistakenly following wrong teaching, or (4) experiencing severe suffering and martyrdom. If we persevere in our faith, any such experience will only refine us and make us stronger. Are you facing trials? Recognize them as opportunities to strengthen your faith. If we remain steadfast in these experiences, we will be stronger in our faith and closer to God.

We will face trials and tests and sufferings and persecution in our walk of faith. This is why we equip ourselves daily with the Word of God. This is why we eat the Bread of Life and drink from the Living Waters. This is why we put on the full armor of God.

Some would call it Spiritual Warfare as if it is unique and only meant for times when there is no peace, when there is war. But I ask, if we are not at war,  if we are not equipping ourselves – are we lukewarm “Christians by name alone” to be spit from His mouth and turned away because we are not His followers?  It is a valid question and concern.

My intent in asking this question is not to drive away or discourage those babes who seek Him. My intent is not to beat and shame the servants of God.  But my intent is to flame the fires of the Holy Spirit within each person to wake up an equip themselves.

The scourge of cheap grace upon the Body of Christ is real. Those selling salvation at wholesale prices to the unrepentant for their own profit and to expand their own kingdoms of earthly wealthy, can they have part in the true kingdom when they are filled with “religious converts” instead of Christ followers.

Without repentance, without discipline,  without discipleship – is there any depth of root? Can such a faith withstand the rain and the storms and the trials of a true Christ follower life of trial and suffering and persecution?

Or will a life of prosperity and personal wealth resting securely in the false “god of fortresses” that Daniel warns of the very temptation that will draw Christians into a lukewarm and faithless and fruitless life?

When we think of persecution,  we think of physical persecution. But what of spiritual persecution?  What of a life lured into complacency that serves so little for the Kingdom of God?

This unseen enemy, he is a trickster. If false grace serves his purpose to prevent the Children of God from living lives that are a sacrifice and honor to the Lord, can we not see that He would happily lure us into a trap of religion with no relationship, a Sunday church service with physical participation but no spiritual life, an interest in appearing good but no dedication to being alive in Christ, a one time emotional reaction with no daily surrender, an excitement that doesn’t follow with dedication.

So yes, this life of Faith is a daily choice to equip ourselves. If we are not facing the enemy,  if we are not being attacked by the enemy,  we might ask ourselves if we are even in the battle,  or if we are resting in the comfort of “cheap grace”.

But true grace is never cheap. If it were cheap,  why would the price be so high as to require payment by the Blood of the Lamb? Have we forgotten the cost?

Have we forgotten the cost?

Amazing grace,
I once was lost,
But now I’m found!

What a beautiful Sound!

The very voice of the Lord, calling out to us who deserve the pit by our actions,  words,  and thoughts – but who are called to be His,  and given the optimist to live a life honoring Him,  accepting this gift of costly grace. Grace that was bought at the highest of prices. Grace that is precious and valuable.

Will our lives today reflect that we value this Grace?

Is it valuable to you friend?

Is it amazing?

Let’s show it.

Let’s equip ourselves and prepare ourselves for daily battle. Let’s get in the fight. Let’s pick up our Sword,  the very Word of God,  let’s put on our armor.

Prepare yourselves.

Make way for the Lord’s return.

You who have ears to hear – hear the Word of God,  let it be written upon your heart and awakened in your life today.

2 thoughts on “Grace isn’t Cheap

    1. He gets the praise and honor. Just trying to share what my teacher shares with me. 🙂 Thanks, though. It is encouraging to know that I’m not alone in the wilderness. Love you. Have a blessed day!

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