Shine bright, that isn’t your little flame, it is His glorious grace
Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.

To be wise is to have understanding,  to fear the Lord’s wrath and righteous judgement that will be poured out on this world.

And if we know the truth that Jesus Christ is our only hope in a world condemned. If we understand that He is the light in the darkness. If we understand that the darkness will not overcome the light.

If we have the light of Christ in us, doesn’t it shine brightly? Because who can hide the light of the glory of God once it had truly taken hold within them?

And when we share this light with others, once flames are awakened in the lives of others,  once those flames are fanned so that the light shines brighter, won’t they too shine their light amongst the darkness? Won’t our lives of faithful example begin a chain reaction of light that will touch the world?

But this only works if we have the light ourselves. We aren’t able to start a fire with our religious practice or buy flames from God with our good works. We are given this light as a gift. We seek God,  we knock, and He calls to us,  He bids us enter through the narrow gate of Christ,  and He comes and dines with us in the new temple for His divine presence, and He teaches us and guides us, and He convicts us and disciplines us, and we eat the bread of life and drink the living waters.

Yes, it is not us who shine ourselves,  or we would brag about and be proud of our own lives. But it is His anointing, the very oil of His grace and mercy puree out onto us,  that shines,  as the fires of redemption burn in these lamps,  burning away our old fleshly desires,  refining our lives as we follow in His footsteps,  finding ourselves becoming like our teacher. Seeing His light shining forth into the darkness.

Our Daily lives matter. So many need light. Even what I see as a small flicker of flame in my own life can touch and encourage so many that I will walk past today. Many times we don’t know the outcome of our choices in life.  Many times we are blind or unaware to the consequences of the little things where we either choose to shine light loving and serving others,  or where we miss and opportunity and let darkness remain due to our inaction or our not being ready and prepared.

Help us to equip ourselves. Help us to be ready to shine your light,  Lord. Give us wisdom and understanding. Let us see the need for your light, the need for our discipleship in this world, the need for you alive and operating in us and through us daily.

If we don’t value the light of a redeemed life of repentance, can we say that our fire is burning,  can we say that your light is alive in us? We can if we trust you and follow you. But how can believing without following be believing at all?

Let’s believe.  Let’s remember the high price paid for grace. Let’s not trample grace as if it had no worth or value. Let’s grab hold of it, and know that it is the only treasure worth giving up everything to have,  because it is everything that is eternal and amazing.

Grace,  glorious grace.

How sweet the sound of the call of the Lord upon our lives.

We once were lost and condemned to death,  but now we are found and saved.

We were blind and unhealthy and in need of healing in our lives,  and His touch has given us that miraculous work of amazing grace that changes us,  that rebirth us into life.

We have been delivered by His call upon our lives. He has a purpose for each one of us.

Let’s shine His light today, and see the darkness lit up by His anointing,  by His glorious grace, spilling out upon others,  and spreading like wildfire.

You life matters to Him. You are valuable in His eyes.

Know your value. Know your purpose.

God bless you, friends.

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