Righteous? Sinner? Who are you?

Today’s Manna – Our Daily Bread
Let those who are wise understand these things. Let those with discernment listen carefully. The paths of the Lord are true and right, and righteous people live by walking in them. But in those paths sinners stumble and fall.

Oh what a sin it is to think ourselves wise, to set ourselves upon the throne of self exaltation in a prideful stance. If we think ourselves so wise,  if we think that we are so understanding, why do we still find ourselves stumbling? Why do we still find ourselves falling short daily of the glory of God?

We are not wise from our own knowledge or education or study or doctrine or theology. These things can provide us with knowledge and instruction,  but wisdom comes from its only source. We are wise by humbling ourselves before the Lord.

And when we are humble and aware of Almighty God,  and when we acknowledge and praise Him for being faithful and true,  when we understand that his righteous judgement is fair and just – our perspective shifts and we grasp the importance of both forgiveness and repentance.

If we love sin and pleasure,  we just want forgiveness. And we want it over,  and over,  and over again. Because we are still a sinner alone,  we have no wisdom or understanding or discernment. We just want the prize instead of the punishment,  but we have no real interest in it for any reason other than self. This is an unredeemed life worshipping sin, but speaking empty words to the Lord hoping for forgiveness even as we stand and deny Him in our actions. This is the stumbling and falling of sinners along the path. It doesn’t matter how many empty prayers we lift or how much water is poured over us in religious practice, if we have not truly surrendered and yielded to a repentant life, we have not yet believed.

If we love God, if we seek to bring honor and glory to His name. If we remember Him as we walk out our daily lives. If we remain in prayer and seeking His will along this path, our steps will be guided by Him. We will stand firm against the trials and tests. We will resist evil and it will flee from us.

But how often do we find ourselves back slidden? This is not simply the result of a sinful nature that we dismiss as “I’m a sinner”. Are we not born again? Do we accept evidence of our own disbelief so easily and without concern and examination?

If we truly believe that all that is truly valuable is eternal and godly and righteous,  then how can we defend our own back slidden thoughts,  words,  and actions? Tests and trials aren’t presented to Christians so that there might be evidence of their failure to overcome. Our testimony is meant to be Christ in us overcoming,  so that His name might be glorified and honored to those who see our lives as a living testimony.

What does my life today testify to those who watch me for evidence of a living Christ? I fear the answer to that.

But in that fear,  wisdom can be found.

You see,  God is not expecting a perfect walk from the imperfect. He is working to refine us,  to set us apart, to prove that He can take an imperfect and flawed vessel and reform it and change it into a vessel fit for His Holy use and purpose.

It is about finding humility before God,  it is about being convicted of our sins,  it is about sering that we are not wise or worthy of praise,  but that He alone is.

And when we grasp this,  not in our minds,  but in our hearts,  we are c ready to be filled up with His presence,  with, His love. We are ready for Him to take over our lives and lead us along the path,  sure footed, standing firmly upright, because we are c walking in His power,  not in our own.

This is salvation,  this is participating in His Kingdom work on earth here and now. We don’t have to wait for heaven, we can walk with Him today. This is the Christian walk. Anything less is just practicing religion.

Let us pick up our crosses and follow. Open our eyes to see past the shadows of what is to come. Let us see past the religion,  to look upon our lives redeemed by the very presence of God,  touching us,  healing us, calling us,  leading us,  and sending us.

Walk in His righteousness,  child of God. Stand upright and firm.

Be the Christ in you today.

He has kingdom work to be done.

“I send you as sheep among wolves.”

Know the wisdom of the fear of the Lord. Not relying upon your own knowledge or understanding, but finding faith in the Lord.

For He is called Faithful and True,  and He comes on a white house to redeem the righteous and to judge the sinner.

Which do you choose in your heart to be today?

Righteous or sinner?

What are you chasing? What do you desire?

Seek Him. He has mercy and healing for you. Cry out to Him. Reach out to the grace and salvation that only Jesus can offer. And receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Find rest for the weary.

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