Prove It

Today’s Manna – Our Daily Bread
Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.

Life Application Devotional
John the Baptist called people to more than words or ritual; he told them to change their behavior. “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins” means that God looks beyond our words and religious activities to see if our conduct backs up what we say, and he judges our words by the actions that accompany them. Do your actions match your words?

More often than I like to admit, I share my lessons, and at some point in that very day, an opportunity arises and I realize that the lesson was written on my heart but that I am being sanctified but that I am not yet perfected. Because on the very day that I shared a message, I examine my own life and see how I missed the mark in a certain situation. But I also recognize there were times where it made a difference.

Yes,  my goal is perfection, my hope is a life living out the proof that I am repentant and seeking God’s will, a life bringing honor and glory to God. But don’t look at my example for perfection. Look at how weak I am,  how flawed I am, that even in me, He proves His strength by helping me live a life overcoming.

No, I’m not perfect. I miss opportunities to share love and mercy and forgiveness and truth each day. But my battle is no longer against a life of rebellion and seeking pleasures of the flesh daily. I’m not wallowing in sexual immorality, lustful pleasures,  quarreling, jealousy,  outbursts of anger, selfish ambition,  drunkenness, wild parties,  and all of the old evidence of a life living actively in rebellion. My battle is now about not getting distracted from my focus on the narrow path.

So yes, I am daily proving my faithfulness. But not to prove to your eyes that I am what I say I am. My goal is to not do something that might cause you to stumble in you walk. Christ is your example,  not me. I’m also not doing it to prove to God, because He knows my heart already. I’m also not resisting sin to earn reward or favor,  because what reward am I not more than willing to lay down at the feet of Christ in grattitude for the gift already received?

I prove my faithfulness as a result of the change inside. I despise sin because I have a new heart. It is a means of examining ourselves to know whether we are truly His, or whether we have deceived ourselves in an empty religious ceremony,  emotional reaction – a false conversion. Because not everyone who cries Lord, Lord is His. Not everyone that does good works,  or that appears to be a “good person”, or that practices religion, or that gets dunked under water is truly His – called and chosen.

Call to Action
Cling to the Lord.

Fear the Lord.


Do not rest in complacency and idleness,  there is a world in need of His love,  mercy,  forgiveness,  salvation,  redemption, and sanctification.

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