Who loves discipline?

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates reproof is stupid.

The worldly man says, “It is better to ask forgiveness than permission” and “let’s fill our lives with pleasure and riches and taking from those whom we can, there is no punishment ahead, there is only taking and acquiring and growing in power and influence and authority over other men”.

Buy the wise man, the man with his mind set upon spiritual things, the one who sees the patterns and movements and can discern the work of good and evil in men’s hearts – he knows that wisdom comes through correction,  that change and refinement tales place in the hands of the master potter,  who fashions vessels for His use,  to be filled and overflowing with his Holy Spirit.

What I am resisting tells me who I am serving.

If I am resisting evil and clinging to the Lord,  running from temptation knowing it to be a deadly poison that leads to death, and clinging to Christ for forgiveness and for strength to see it overcome in my life – I am serving the Lord.

If I am resisting giving up a part of my life that I know is not glorifying the Lord, but I’m clinging to it telling myself, “Even though the Word of God says it is sin and leads to death,  it really isn’t poisonous, He told me poison wouldn’t kill me if I believed”. Do we not see that our denying the truth of the Word of God disqualifies our protection and leaves us dead in sin, serving the wrong master, serving one who is no master at all but who is a destroyer of life?

Or if I am not putting up any resistance at all, if I am riding the fence in complacency and lack of concern, with no direction or purpose and with no fear of God,  how foolish is that? At least the wicked who knows he is lost and is a servant of evil will receive pleasure on this earth before his torment and separation from God for eternity. But the lukewarm will be spit out.

So we who believe have nowhere to turn but to the Lord. This life is temporary and other than serving to offer us opportunities to both enjoy life and glorify God, what can it offer that doesn’t pale in comparison to the touch of our Lord upon our lives, the wisdom of his instruction guiding our lives, the healing that is manifest upon every area of our very life experience,  the blessings that flow out upon us and further or calling and purpose to bring Him honor and glory.

Yes, I once valued my life greatly. I thought myself great in my own eyes. But now I realize that I am nothing without Christ. That my life in comparison isn’t even a grain of dust that would be remembered much past my death. My life by itself is but a moment,  a breath, in the span of the life of man. So that I am now humbled at who I am in my own eyes when I kneel at the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ,  but I am amazed by how He sees me when He says,  “Arise my child. The grave no longer has a hold on you. You are precious to me. Go, and do my work. I send you out as sheep among the wolves. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Pick up your cross and follow me.”

Do you see Him? Do you hear Him speaking those words to you,  friend?

He calls you His own. He calls you precious. He knows your value and purpose. He frees you from the clutches of death.

Reach out to Him for the healing and instruction that you need in your life today. Seek the discipline eagerly that will guide you and protect you from harm. Be wise.

Arise,  child of God,  arise!

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