God sized steps

I had a humbling phone call yesterday. A lady wanted to know how I made room for a full time IT job, leading and teaching my family, and the things that I do for ministry. She was praising me and asking for tips. I was humbled because I truly cannot take credit,  I’m just along for the ride. I explained that we took things small and one thing at a time,  but with a dedication and a focus to not just learn it,  but to see opportunities to put it into action, and to look for the Lord to be alive and active and empowering in our lives.

We started out with a simple time of praise and devotional as a family first thing in the morning. And we do it not just to learn in our heads, but to get on the same page as a family, and to encourage each other, and to hold each other accountable each day, and to see the lessons play out in our lives,  as Christ empowers our lives and works through us as the body of Christ. We are trusting Him to bear fruit in our lives and to pour out onto others.

At first it didn’t just work beautifully,  we had to figure out how to make it work and to get engaged and effective. But after a year and a half, we look back and the change is amazing. It doesn’t feel like you are going very far when you look at each little step,  talking it faithfully – in fact,  we can tell ourselves,  it isn’t that important,  I’ll start walking tomorrow – but every step counts. If we don’t take this step today,  right now, if we sit idle and inactive,  we never get it back – and it makes us even more reluctant to start walking later.

Step out in faith in new and exciting ways today,  friend. See Jesus Christ alive and moving in your life today. It’s really,  really amazing.

Who knew that I would be a jailhouse preacher? Who knew that I would be seeing homeless addicts restored to holding jobs? Who knew that I would see hurt and distracted children falling in love with Jesus? Who knew that I and my wife would be counselling others in being a faithful Christ follower? Who knew that my daughter would be holding us accuracies and sharing Jesus with others?

God knew.

I just had to wake up and find it out as well.

He has a great purpose for your life,  friend.

Grab hold of it and soar in your calling. It’s a wild ride.

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