Celebrate the brokenness

For God is pleased when, conscious of his will, you patiently endure unjust treatment. Of course, you get no credit for being patient if you are beaten for doing wrong. But if you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, God is pleased with you.

About a year ago, I prayed that the Lord would give me more patience and that we would learn how to better manage His blessings wisely. Yes, I realize that those of you who are spiritually mature are probably laughing right now – and I realize that those selling prosperity gospel would tell me to not give up because my breakthrough is just up ahead.

Our life seems to be a revolving door of things breaking, of unexpected expenses,  and of circumstances that push us to our limits. But we are also giving more than we’ve ever been able to give, serving more than we’ve ever been able to serve, paying off debts,  and learning to praise the Lord when something breaks because He has something better in mind.

No,  we aren’t out partying and spending our money on expensive meals and alcohol anymore. And I look back and I’m amazed at how much money we were burning through before. Now we are saving. Before,  we would scramble at Christmas and birthdays or we would put it “on the card”, but now,  we are saving up cash,  we are budgeting, we are learning to be prepared.

Before,  we were living paycheck to paycheck and scrambling when an emergency happened to come up on the rare occasion. Now we are prepared even though they are coming frequently. This is a HUGE change in how our household operates. And when the storm is over, we will be making twice the progress because of our newly learned strengths in these areas.

We are learning that everything,  even another microwave breaking down after just 6 months is going to be a blessing,  because we trust that He has something better in store for us. Even the repeatedly broken lawn mowers and tractors as we try to keep our grass cut at home and the farm has led us to people who need the hay and will cut it for us.

Praise God, He is truly amazing. He loves us and teaches us and provides for us. His ways are so much better than mine,  because I would be satisfied with a life of comfort,  sitting hypnotized in front of the TV, working to pay for today’s pleasure with little concern for tomorrow or eternity.

I would still be dead in that old life serving self – instead of growing daily in the Word of God, serving others in need and being touched by this new life of being an active part of His Kingdom work. It’s amazing. The blessings are greater than I could have imagined.

Praise God for my brokenness – because He picks up the pieces and builds something beautiful every time.

I just have to step out and be willing to be broken again so that I can be remolded in His hands. Being torn apart when you don’t understand the purpose is painful – but when we trust that He is in control,  and we stop resisting His will, we find the beauty of His hand upon our lives. If we don’t trust Him and we are in opposition to His will, it can be a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God.

He’s got this.

Step out in faith seeking to be changed,  to be broken,  to be reformed and praise Him for the brokenness in your life friend.

We come to Him in humble brokenness,  not in pride or lukewarm religious practice.

Lord, humble us gently in your mercy and discipline those who resist your will, so they might be broken and reconciled to you, for your honor and glory. It is better that they learn of your loving discipline today than to fall into your hands at judgement. We trust you, Lord. You are Faithful and True.

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