What is important to you?

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?  Is anything worth more than your soul?
Mark 8:36-37 NLT

Is anything worth more than your soul?

Have we been taught the right answers to answer with our words when we are in Christian circles – but show with our actions throughout the day amongst the world what we really value?

If we truly valued seeking first the Kingdom of God, would our lives be lukewarm and filled with the things of this world – or on fire for Jesus, stepping out in crazy faith, bearing one another’s burdens, laying down our old worldly lives,  and picking up our cross to follow Him spreading this gospel to the nations.


How many actually seek dedicated, silent time in prayer daily – reaching that point of humility at the foot of the cross? Versus how many practice a time of religious prayer that is not heartfelt? Versus how many do not pray daily one on one with God?


How many actually seek dedicated, reflective and introspective time reading the Word of God daily – listening and understanding the ways that it can be applied in our lives today? How many of us let the pleasures and distractions of this world keep us away from the treasures to be found? How many of us don’t really value it as much as our TV shows or music or movies or entertainment and just don’t have time for it?


How many of us are cheerful givers, excited to not only give the Lord back ten percent of what He entrusts us tomanage as good stewards, what is already His – but are eager to find ways to be even more generous with what we have? Versus how many of us are satisfied with giving the minimum unsacrificially and building great houses and filling them with physical treasures of this world while others are in need around us – enjoying the spoils as if they are our own? Versus how many cling to their possessions selfishly as mine,  reluctant to be obedient to God or to help others?


How many of us are actively equipping ourselves for battle against the enemy,  taking the Lord serious in His call for us to go forth and make disciples of the nations, to baptize in His name,  to bear the burdens of others, to take up our cross and follow Him? Versus how many are satisfied with the circle of influence that we have today? Versus how many are quick to admit we aren’t equipped,  but not so quick to make a change to become equipped?


Are we satisfied with the world?

Are we Americanized “Christians” so far from God that we don’t even know what a real,  sold out disciple of Christ looks like? Have we made ourselves drunk with the wine of Babylon to the point that we find ourselves deep in darkness trying to convince each other that we are in light even though we are blind,  lost,  and cannot see?


Repent,  for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

Come,  Lord Jesus Come!

We don’t want this world,  give us Jesus!

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