Not my way. Please, not my way.

And he said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.”
Mark 14:36 ESV

His will, not ours.

How many opportunities are we missing out on each day because we are satisfied living in our own will instead of seeking God’s will?

If Christ is our example of the way,  the truth,  and the life – an example of sacrifice, an example of being radically different and set apart from the ways of the world – why do so many “Christian” lives look more like the world or look more like the Pharisees and so few truly remind us of Christ who was willing to lay down His very life so that we might know a renewed relationship with God.

There are areas of my life where I have let bitterness creep in,  and it is because I haven’t surrendered that area and trusted that it is the Lord’s will. When I want to serve the Lord, provide for my family, and serve and witness to the world around me – at times, the sheer amount of work to be done can be overwhelming.

You see, the harvest is great,  but the laborers are few. I see many laboring hard to build a bigger house,  while the very beams cry out against them as others suffer in need and want and addiction and separation from the eternal salvation that they need to redeem and renew their lives. So few seem to actually be laboring for the Kingdom of God, instead gathering up treasures for their own kingdoms and pleasure and comfort. 

And many that appear to be laboring for the Lord are doing nothing more than acting as hirelings. They aren’t sold out to the will of God,  they aren’t gratefully serving the Lord their God, they are seeking reward for themselves. How many wolves are running in packs,  dividing the flock in dissention and division against each other so they might devour them?

How few will withstand the trials and sufferings ahead,  Lord?

How few will prove themselves faithful and true that call upon your name,  Lord?

If I count myself amongst the few,  is it through pride that I foolishly cling to such a reward? Or do I humbly and wisely claim it as a gift and a promise?

You alone are faithful and true,  Lord.

You alone are worthy.

Wash us clean,  oh Lord.

Let us know your presence in our lives.

Do not let us disgrace your Holy name.

Let us be set apart. Let us be the salt and the light.

Through the power of the Blood of the Lamb, let us be reconciled to your will. Let them see past us and see you. Let us lay down those things that are not honoring you,  Lord. Be the force of change in our lives that we so dearly need.

Let us pray for one another and be strengthened.

Let us share revelation with one another and be sharpened.

Let us serve one another and be loved and touched by the hand of God,  the very body of Christ, at work.

Come,  Lord Jesus Come!

Your will be done in our lives,  not our own.

All things are possible for you, Lord.

Be the power and strength overcoming those enemies in our lives that get in the way of our bringing you honor and glory.

Deliver us from evil,  lead us not into temptation – your will be done,  Lord Jesus.

Refine us, remold us into your image,  Lord.

We are your humble servants,  Lord. Even in our weakness, let your strength and mercy and glory and honor be evident. Your honor and glory,  not mine.

Praise be to God, may my life be a blessing unto the Lord!

Praise God,  He has heard my cry and all things are possible through Him who strengthens me.

Praise God,  He is sending laborers. Are you a new laborer,  friend? Are you seeking first the Kingdom of God? Are you ready to answer the call? Step out with us in crazy faith, drink of the cup of His will, and let’s see this world changed by the breath of God within His people,  rising up to new life in Christ.

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