Choose Love

We are CALLED to do it,
We don’t HAVE to do it,
We GET to do it.

But if we don’t WANT to do it,
We might not be CHOSEN to do it,
Because the DESIRE of our heart,
Testifies to who we truly SERVE.

It shouts like JOY found in each breath of life,
It shines like PEACE even in the midst of dissappointment,
It perseveres like PATIENCE in the depths of the trials,
It touches hearts as KINDNESS even towards strangers and opposition,
It heals transgressions in the GENTLENESS of accountability and forgiveness,
It strengthens us in FAITHFULNESS against the tricks and traps of those unseen enemies,
It stands as SELF-CONTROL firmly upon the Word of God.

It is Love,
True Godly Love,
Sacrificial Love.

Love demonstrated in blood,
Love demonstrated in service to others,
Love demonstrated to us by Him,
Love demonstrated to the world by us.

Choose Love.
Choose Christ.

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