Prepare for the Sneak Attack

When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came.
Luke 4:13 NLT


Temptation is opportunistic. Once we resist evil,  it will flee from us to hide in the shadows until another opportunity arises. Just because we have resisted something in the past doesn’t mean that we won’t face a similar attack again in the future.

But if we are not just waiting for the next attack,  if we are preparing ourselves for battle each day, equipping ourselves with training in this Word of God – if we are finding those areas of our lives where the enemy might try to grab hold of and making repairs during the times of peace,  won’t we be better prepared when an attack breaks out?

Also, when we stand watch for the enemy with only our own light, there is room for darkness around us where we might not see an attack coming. But if we surround ourselves with other faithful watchmen who are also shining their light, won’t there be less darkness from which the enemy can spring out and surprise us? Won’t we then be able to see an attack coming from the enemy even as it approaches?

A soldier doesn’t wait until war is declared to begin training,  neither does he set out on his own without support. And if we are truly followers of Christ,  we are surrounded by an unseen battle between good and evil. Christ in us has the power to overcome temptation and evil and for it to lie defeated at our feet – but we get to choose to fight, friend.


How many of us are distracted from equipping ourselves? How many are fooled into believing that there is no battle to be waged because they believe their own salvation is firmly in their hands? How many have forgotten the brothers and sisters around them that need encouragement and accountability and forgiveness each day to see this race to the finish?

Onward,  Christian soldiers. Pick up your armor,  equip yourselves. We go into battle today. Not against the flesh of our fellow men and women,  but against the unseen powers,  the principalities and rulers of this world who are in opposition and rebellion against the one true God. Stand firm,  for God is with us. He is victorious. Decide for yourselves today,  who you will serve.


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