Be the Church

So thankful to have men in my life who continue to keep me humble in the Word of God and in service for His Kingdom. So thankful for late nights discussing the Word of God and seeing light being shared lovingly and boldly with those we come in contact with. So thankful for seeing ministries coming together to help each other and give freely to one another as stewards of the Lord’s resources, not as someone giving “their stuff away”.

In a world focused on self exaltation, and in a world littered with religious institutions building up walls of division between themselves and advertising their own names more than the name of Jesus Christ – it is encouraging to know there is unity to be found,  there are faithful servants to be found, there are those giving and loving and serving the needs of others and not just playing religion.

There are those that would do life together daily,  not just one day a week. There are those who would share meals of both physical and spiritual nourishment together daily and focus on the work of God that is at hand, that is done by their hands,  by their sacrifice.

These great men of God,  who live to serve and follow,  they both humble and encourage me that there is so much more that He can do through me today. I am blessed by their loving example. I am encouraged to recognize that the greatest impact is not always the loudest voice, nor the biggest advertising budget, nor largest programs, nor the greatest entertainment, nor the most reverent and right living membership – but the greatest impact is the result of the greatest outpouring of love onto others. It is the outreach,  the sowing into the lives of others, not just clinging to things and stuff and building bigger buildings – but helping and encouraging and loving even the strangers that we meet along the path of our day to day life.

I have so much to learn. Praise God for surrounding me with men and women who love the Lord and who are seeking Him with total abandon, those who are on fire with the flame of His Holy Spirit burning brightly as a house on a hill, those who are not satisfied with the status quo of the dead religious practice of hearers that aren’t doers.

I cannot take claim to be as spiritually mature as these wise advisors that I surround myself with, but I trust in the Lord and look forward to the path ahead as I don’t intend to remain a powerless babe satisfied on milk alone. I encourage you to join us and make a difference in the world around you. Step past the idea that you “only have to give X percent of your stuff to God” and be a steward of His resources – understand that yes, you can buy that nice new toy, but that you could also impact someone else’s life with the food,  clothing,  and shelter that they need.

I’m still learning,  and I can’t tell you that I’m the example for you to follow, because I’m not great at it yet – but I can feel the tug upon my life,  and it’s worth it to do life with others,  too help those in need. And the more that we help others,  the more that the Lord continues to bless our family. Yes,  we encounter trials and challenges – but the blessings,  oh the blessings.

Step out in faith,  friends. See the need. Be the hands of Christ fulfilling those needs around you. Be the church. 

One thought on “Be the Church

  1. This complements well some things God has been pointing out to me today. I have been feeling upset by the lack of encouragement in the church fellowship I belong to, and realised that the best way for me to get past my hurt is to focus on encouraging others. Also this from 1 Peter 1:22 “By obedience to the truth, having purified yourselves for sincere love of the brothers, love one another earnestly from a pure heart.” That word ‘earnestly’ can also be translated ‘fervently’ or ‘intensely’.
    Thanks and God bless you.

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