The Betrayer

Jesus tells us to take up our cross and follow Him.

He tells us to not look back,  and to follow Him with complete abandon.

He tells us to love our enemies.

He tells us to see past the false security of personal wealth and to consider everything that we have to be His to be shared with those around us who have needs instead of stock piling things and wealth for ourselves.

He tells us to trust in Him alone for our security.

He tells us to “Go and sin no more”.

He tells us to love others, to preach this gospel to the ends of the earth, to make disciples, and to baptize in His name.

He doesn’t say that it is easy, but He does say that His burden is light, He tells us to count the cost, and if we value His Kingdom,  if we value Him above all other things that might stand as idols between us and the Lord – we will forsake all things for Him.

“Listen to me and remember what I say. The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of his enemies.”
Luke 9:44 NLT

How many times have I betrayed Christ into the hands of His enemies with the sins of my life?

How many sins have I placed upon Him at the cross?

How many stripes within His flesh were because of the works of my iniquities and disobedience and rebellion against the will of God?

How many of the thorns upon His head were the pains of my thoughts,  words,  and actions in opposition to a just and righteous God who created me in His image to bring honor and glory to His name?

How many strikes of the hammer upon the nails were from my selfish pride and vanity?

Oh,  Lord,  I have failed you miserably with the example of my life. I look upon your perfection and your glory and I see all the more in my own life that needs the healing that your touch alone can restore and redeem to righteousness. As I draw closer to understanding the beauty of your grace,  I am overwhelmed by the inadequacy of my own works and words and thoughts and shortcomings. I am humbled by the magnitude of evidence pulled against me by the accuser,  Lord. By all rights and accounts, I have betrayed you into the hands of your enemy,  Oh Lord,  and my very soul,  my heart inside my body cries out, “Let it not be so that I would be the betrayer of my love, my bridegroom,  my Savior,  my Lord”. But my own words now only testify to what you,  Lord already know to be true. My life is far from perfection, it is worthless beside the glory of your example. So I am thankful for grace,  for your tender mercies Lord. Keep me here, faithfully in your presence. Let me not escape your presence. Let me cling to the hem of your garment, let my tears wash your feet, and let me kiss them,  Oh Lord. Lead me in your ways along this narrow path – I have counted the cost c and the world has nothing to offer me if I can’t have you,  Lord. But you ARE mine,  and I AM yours. Take my hand,  beloved,  and walk with me in eternity.

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