The Kingdom of God. NOW, in YOU

One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of God come?” Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs.  You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you. ”
Luke 17:20-21 NLT

When examining your life, are you aware of the Holy Spirit’s work within your life, and around you touching the lives of others?

Much of the work of the Kingdom of God is not miraculous signs and wonders. Much of the work is only evident in the change occurring inside hearts and lives that takes time to be seen – just like a seed planted in the soil that will one day grow into a large,  fruit bearing tree.

But the Kingdom of God is either come in your life and you are flowing with the life giving waters of the Holy Spirit alive in you as a new creation – or you are dead. Yes, a physical body can be up and walking around and participating in this physical world, but if there has been no death of the old nature and birth of a new,  Christ nature – then those persons are like lifeless zombies or robots,  there is no real life in them.

You see,  we don’t have to wait until death to experience and participate in the Kingdom of God. This Jesus thing isn’t about buying a ticket that you have to wait until death to ride on the train. No, this Christian walk is about His Kingdom come to earth in your life today – that His will be done through you today – that His imprint, His mark upon your life, His Holy Spirit alive in you,  shine through the darkness of this world like a great light on a hill. You are His messenger, you are His ambassador,  you are part of His royal priesthood,  you are a son or daughter of God.

And you must choose to believe what is true about you and learn to ignore those attacks by the enemy who want you to be weak in faith – because you have a purpose. Until His triumphant return is complete and the world is reconciled fully into His final judgement, or until you are absent from the body and return into His presence, You are His Kingdom come on earth, You are part of the living body of Christ at work in this physical world.

The Kingdom of God is already among you. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Do you not feel His voice urging you even now at this moment? Do you not feel the touch of His hand upon your life? Do you not see the opportunities before you to demonstrate His love in the challenges that today and overcome them through faith?

I pray that we will all have healthy spiritual eyes to discern the challenges and trials of our day and see them overcome by our faithfulness – resulting in an outpouring of love, joy,  peace,  patience,  kindness,  goodness, self control, and hope.

I pray that we will believe who Christ tells us that we are,  and that we will be truly alive today,  and that we will be equipped with this new heart and with this Word of God written upon the tablets of our hearts – so that His Kingdom will be manifest through the body of His church today – so that His will is done today and not our own.

I pray that we will experience the change in this world that comes when people can see past the veil of c religious practice and lay hands upon the very presence of the living God and changing them from the inside out,  touching their lives with the very imprint of his Holy Spirit as He reforms us into His own likeness,  as we are transformed to become more like our teacher.

I pray that we will be redeemed into His holy ministry of the reconciliation of this world into His grace for, His glory and honor.

I pray that we would all know Him as our Heavenly Father.
I pray that we would all begin to grasp the holiness of His name,  of His being,  of His nature.
I pray that we would all choose to participate in His Kingdom work come to earth in the work of his humble and faithful servants.
I pray that we would all follow His will and not our own,  for His purpose and design is to prosper us and lift us up and to provide for us a greater and more perfect life eternal.
I pray that we would trust Him to provide for all of our needs,  so that we will be open handed to all those in need and want.
I pray that we will all both receive forgiveness and extend forgiveness,  for the Lord seeks mercy in our hearts and not just sacrifice in our deeds.
I pray that we will all know personally the touch of His power and glory and honor as His Kingdom work is evident in us today as well as for all eternity.

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