Why do people resist the gospel of Christ?

And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants. ”
John 3:19-21 NLT

Many who resist are either:

A) not willing to believe there is a God (Denying the Father)

B) not willing to acknowledge that what they are doing is sinful (Deny the truth)

C) not willing to believe that God came in the flesh as a man to save our sins (Deny Jesus Christ)

D) not willing to believe that God can overcome the sin in their lives and in the world (Deny the power of the Holy Spirit)

Each of these types of disbelief reflects a level of darkness and a lack of faith. And where there is a lack of faith, a door or window is left open for the enemy to climb in and take up camp and use that person to sow things like pride, selfishness, anger,  hatred, dissention,  jealousy,  envy, lust, sexual immorality, deceit, gossip,  bitterness, and unforgiveness. And seeds of these fleshly natures, of these spirits in opposition to God’s will have been sown into our lives by the dark world around us. So when there is a beacon of light and truth shining forth, these spirits will resist the truth of the Word of God. They would rather remain in residence within that person’s life instead of be cast out so that the person could live a life free from bondage with Christ talking up residence within their lives. Some people may never escape the clutches of the enemy because they have learned to cling to the very poison that leads them to death instead of letting go and accepting the healing touch of the hands of God upon their life.

You see,  everything that God offers us in His written Word, in this divine instruction manual He has given for our lives, and in this Holy Spirit guidance that He offers us who believe Him and follow Him – it is to keep us away from the things that are poisonous and dangerous and hurtful to us and to others. He isn’t looking to steal your fun away with a list of rules and obligations that you must follow against your will.  He isn’t looking to separate you from security and prosperity, He wants you to know eternal security and eternal prosperity that comes from the blessings that nourish our soul – love, joy,  peace,  patience,  kindness,  goodness,  faithfulness, and self control. These are the blessings that grow beautiful and eternal change within our lives and the lives of others. And they are found in a life of HOPE found in Jesus Christ, in a life of FAITH obeying the Word of God, and in a life of LOVE serving others and dedicating your life to bringing honor and glory to the name of the Lord.

But it all comes down to our Faith.

He examines and weighs our hearts.

It isn’t whether or not we practiced religious ceremonies correctly or if we did enough good works. It isn’t if we held a position or title in a religious organization or we acted like a good Christian in front of other people.

It comes down to our Faith.

He knows your heart. He knows mine.

We cannot trick Him, because being interested in God is not the same as loving God,  and practicing religion is not the same as having Christ alive and operating in your life, and learning what the Word of  God teaches is not the same as walking it out, and knowing is not the same as believing.

Where is your heart today,  friend?

I’m not asking you if you are walking perfect or if you are good c at practicing your religion before others.

Where is your heart today?

Are you broken and humbled by your imperfections so that you can marvel in awe at the touch of His healing hand upon your heart?

Are you ready to let go of that grasp you still have upon something in your life that you know is poisonous and sinful and that v is not bringing Him glory and honor?

Are you ready to be delivered from that enemy,  to have that chain cast off,  to have your burdens lifted today?

Do you believe in the power of the Lord,  in His promises, that He loves you and that He will deliver you?

Friend,  know His touch. He is the one that changes your heart. Run away from the darkness and into the light,  Child of God. Hear the voice of the Good Shepherd,  calling you home to His loving arms. Rest, in His arms and learn from Him,  grow to be more like Him day by day as your old man is sacrificed and as you are tested and proven to be a new creation in Christ. Run this race faithfully to the end and receive your prize,  your portion,  your inheritance of Christ himself of a renewed relationship with your heavenly Father who lives you dearly.

Or if you have decided to remain in darkness,  if you are determined to make yourself an enemy of the Lord, I pray that you would also feel His touch before it is to late. For your own sake, I pray that He would convict your heart each time that you participate in sin, that He would crush your evil plans and bring them to ruin so that you might realize your need for Him. But if you are not His and you are not to be redeemed, if your heart is hardened to that point of no return, maybe His mercy is to give you a short,  comfortable, temporary life of pleasure and wickedness before your body is eaten by the worms in the ground and your soul is in torment in the eternal fire.

We each make the choice in our hearts.

Choose wisely friends,  and understand that those around you have choices to make as well. Is the testimony of your life drawing them toward light and life,  or leading them off into the darkness?

Choose wisely,  live wisely.
Love and serve God and others with abandon.

God bless, God speed, friend.
I love you.

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