Drawing a Map, Leaving Bread Crumbs

There is a hell, and there is a heaven,  and what you do matters. (Read Matthew chapter 25, paying attention to verse 46)

You still have time. (Read Isaiah 55, paying attention to verses 6-13)

Jesus is the only way.  (Read John chapter 14, paying attention to verse 6 and verses 12-14)

There is a difference between knowing the words of the Bible and knowing the Word of God. (Read 2 Corinthians chapter 3, paying attention to verse 6)

There is a difference between repeating what you have heard from others who claim wisdom, and sharing what you are being taught by the source of all wisdom. (Read Matthew chapter 23, paying attention to verse 10)

There is a difference between pursuing theology and religion in your mind and words,  and pursuing Christ in your life and actions. (Read James chapter 1, paying attention to verses 22 and 23)

I will not always be with you, my friends. And some of you may want to follow to my destination,  while others may not. I only leave crumbs so that you might follow the path of Christ that I seek, not trusting my dim eyes that may lead you astray,  but hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit urging the way, given to me by my Lord, Jesus Christ – whose guidance I continue to confirm by the written Word of God. 

But look past my slow progress and my stumblings, friend. Do not slow your race because of me, but set your eyes upon Christ and run to Him with every fiber of the strength you have left. And pray that we will find each other faithfully in His presence at the end of our long journey.

God bless you, traveler. May the light of Christ illuminate your path,  and may the darkness flee before you. It has no authority or dominion over you any longer, Child of God. And may the light of your walk be visible and apparent and desired by all those still in darkness that you pass. May you offer them living water to drink,  and the bread of life to eat,  and may they know the healing and deliverance found in the power of Christ who lives in you. May the darkness be rolled away before you and the way made clear for the footsteps the Lord has established for you.

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