My goal?

Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.
Galatians 1:10 NLT

Pleasing people is not the same thing as loving people. Playing people is seeking their approval. Loving people is wanting them to receive God’s approval.

The world would tell us the opposite message,  it would tell us to mind our own business, to let them continue drinking the poison of sin into their lives. The world would ask us to quit talking about repentance and righteousness,  and tell them more about forgiveness and abundance and rewards.

The slave is in NEED of rescue to freedom, but if he receives freedom and returns to slavery did he ever really WANT freedom?

Love is sharing the truth with someone so that they might become aware of their NEED. The world distracts us with a lot of WANTS – things,  titles, honor, pleasures, drunkenness, envy, jealousy –
In hopes that we will forget about our NEED.

And yes,  the milk of forgiveness is available to those babes in Christ,  and that is given to the lost while they grow and mature to a point where they can digest the meat of faithful, righteous living. But how many that should already be eating meat and teaching others are satisfied suckling at the tit.

We are not meant to only have a foundation in Christ’s forgiveness,  but to build upon that foundation, a life demonstrating to others the full character and nature of God – both His mercy and His righteousness.

But how many stop at milk? How many these days who are only drinking milk themselves, having not accepted the whole Word of God,  having not dedicated themselves fully to bringing Him glory and honor in all areas of their life – are then teaching a partial revelation of grace that denies the very power of grace to deliver them from their sin. But grace without power, how can their grace be any grace at all?

True freedom is not just freedom to be attained at a later date, it is not just promise of delivery from the eventual punishment – it is freedom now,  today,  from the very thing that enslaved you. So know,  children of God,  that when Jesus free you,  you are truly free. There is no need to return to your own vomit,  there is no reason to return to the slip with the rest of the pigs – you are a child of God. Get out of the mud, stand up,  BELIEVE!

Do you not know that you are alive? Do you not know that the Holy Spirit of Christ lives within you?  Awake! Arise! The time for sleep is over. The time for remaining in captivity has ended. Rise up and cast off your chains,  and show yourself equipped and mature in the Word of God.

And if you are still on milk, my friend – prepare yourself. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand! Do not sit and expect to be fed. Put in work yourself seeking the Kingdom of God and righteousness – do not exclude seeking righteousness – do not add or subtract from the Word of God as you see fit –  for you may find that you are seeking the approval of men and not of God. Instead, look to the WHOLE Word of God.

And do not think that I claim to have yet achieved my goal, friend. But I am pressing on toward that goal, even as I encourage you to do the same.

And you ask why?

It is nothing other than a love for Him who loves me,  who loved me first – it is a white hot, fire in my bones – and overflowing waters from my belly – reminding me that I have received that which I do not deserve, that which I could never have earned,  but that which is the only prize worth having,  Jesus Christ,  my Lord and Savior.

I do not seek earthly rewards,  though He will add to me and my family all that we need.

I do not seek titles or honor from men,  although they might mistakenly honor me because they see Him in me.

I do not seek heavenly rewards, though they might lie around our presence some day.

I seek the touch of my Savior,  the kiss of my love, the presence of the one who loved me first and who calls me His.

So you ask me why, and I have no words – for it isn’t even about why once our eyes are open. When there is only one choice that matters, when there is only one treasure worth having,  isn’t it clear why one would give up everything else?

Don’t settle for knowing about Him, seek to know Him, really know Him. And that happens by spending time with Him.

Don’t just play religion. Find freedom.
Don’t just accept forgiveness,  repent.

Walk in Spirit, bear fruit, build upon the foundation things that will last.

Let your why be love.

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