Does He get a piece, a sliver, or an empty plate?

I wonder what percentage of most church goers’ budgets go to tithing, helping the needy, supporting orphans and widows. I wonder what percentage of our time is dedicated to loving God and loving others,  remembering Christ, surrendering our will to be a living sacrifice to honor the Lord?

I wonder what percentage of most organized religions budgets actually go to help the needy,  the addicted, the widows and the orphans who have no money to offer in return for the services provided? Compared to how much money is spent to provide services and benefits and comfort to those who will bring in more money. How much is spent advertising the name of Jesus and the gospel,  versus how much is spent selling a brand and name of their own. 

How often do I examine my expenses to see what it tells me about my priorities?

How often do I examine the use of my time to see what it tells me about my priorities?

Is God clearly a priority or just an after thought?

If I am trusting an organization with the Lord’s money, what does their budget say about their priorities? Do I even know where it is going?

Do these priorities line up with the biblical call placed upon bodies of Christ followers serving as His Kingdom come on earth, as the body of Christ alive and at work reconciling this world to Christ?

Are they preferential towards those that can benefit them or are they open handed to the poor?

Are they building up cults of personality following a charismatic teacher, there for the show,  just to have them all turn away when they encounter the true cost of Discipleship,  a dedicated,  life long commitment to Christ even through the storms of life?

I’m not advocating that we use these questions as an excuse to not give and serve. On the contrary,  I’m encouraging everyone to give both money and time cheerfully and abundantly and open handedly, with an expectation that it be used for the glory of God by following the Biblical principals set forth in scripture. I’m encouraging us all to hold each other accountable as good stewards of the resources we are responsible for managing.

This isn’t a pointed finger, as this lesson was for me to examine myself. If it feels like a pointed finger, you may be experiencing the same conviction that I encountered when going through it. I hope it might press you to genuinely examine your own life and confirm what is the most valuable area you invest yourself and those resources entrusted to you.

I also encourage you to not just tithe your life to Christ one day a week or only use 10 percent for His purposes – but that you might find amazing ways to be faithful with your whole life. And please pray for me as I try to do the same leading my household as well.

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