“It’s not about how much you got – it’s about how much you appreciate it.” – My Wife 

These words aren’t just wise words for our children to understand,  a lot of us adults can learn from this lesson as well. We’ve received an amazing gift,  a Savior born this day.

We’ve received so much – mercy,  forgiveness, grace, adoption into the family of Christ – and I hope that today we appreciate it. I hope that we see past the commercialism and the ritual and the presents under the tree, and the food on the table. I hope that we appreciate that greatest gift of all, because He is the only gift truly worth receiving and talking hold of and claiming as our own.

Thank you,  Lord. Teach us to appreciate you,  to know you,  to love you – and nor just one day a year,  or just one day a week – help us remember you, and walk with you. Because that restored relationship,  that fellowship, that pouring out of your Spirit into our lives is truly something worth appreciating.