Words matter

How many of our conversations are careless and don’t promote truth or trustworthiness and are unconcerned with His glory or our neighbor’s good?

But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.  For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
Matthew 12:36-37 NKJV

How many of our words are focused on self, ambition, things, unclean living, lewdness, lust, or all of these other things of the flesh,  of the world?

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
James 1:19-22 NKJV

How many of us need more patience to listen to what is being said, so that we can decide for ourselves to let our mouths bear the kind of fruit for others in love and service that has a sweet aroma and so we can demonstrate the value of His righteousness.

We are to lay aside all those things that are not profitable,  those things that come from the sewage system of this world, spewing out all kinds of things that are toxic and dangerous and deadly.

Do we not know that we are a vessels of the Holy Spirit?

Do we not know that we fight against unseen powers?

Are we not yet equipped for battle?

Are we even training and preparing ourselves?

No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.
II Timothy 2:4 NKJV

Why are we allowing our conversations to be filled more often with the things and enticements of this world, if we are truly in a battle against those things?

Are there some who would attempt to twist grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit into a powerless, loveless heresy that does not result in change, does not produce repentance, does not result in our separating ourselves from our life of sin and turning to God as the Lord of our lives?

Shouldn’t our lives, our words, our conversations be different – not worldly, and not just religious – anointed with the touch of God, breathed out by His Holy Spirit through us.

Or are we more comfortable thinking that we have Him sagely on a shelf or hidden under a lampshade?

“No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.
Luke 11:33 NKJV

If anything sounds like blaspheming the Holy Spirit (the only “unpardonable” sin), it is denying that it has the power to free us from sin. The Holy Spirit is one of power,  of love,  and of self-control.

Will we allow the Holy Spirit to guide our conversations today,  friends?

Will we be quick to listen?

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