Remorse? Repentance?


Being a child of God isn’t about feelings, it’s about life.

Being a follower of Jesus Christ isn’t about following the ceremonies and practices of the religious, it’s about turning your life to follow the example of His life.

It is a commitment to a life that only He can empower you to walk.

Remorseful feelings are not the same as repentant living.

Good intentions in your heart is not the same as loving actions and service.

Believing “about” is not the same as believing.

Partial honesty – when it comes to TRUTH is clearly deceit.

Having once been alive – when it comes growth/LIFE is clearly dead.

Having once been on the path – when it comes to the WAY, is clearly lost.

He is the truth, the life, and the way.

Not the half way, not the once was alive, not the once was on the path.

Not the deceitful, not the dead, not the lost.

Get back in truth.

Come to life.

Get back on the path.


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