Mob Rule is No Rules

​”In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” – Judges 21:25 NLT

What a troubling world we end up with when each man decodes for himself what is right or wrong for his particular moment,  situation, and circumstances. What a troubling and dark world we encounter in places where people have turned away from authority and morals. 

Can’t we see this in the lawless and immoral society that TV would like to sell us and convince us is right. Hasn’t the world tried to call what is wrong right,  and what is right wrong? 

“People may be right in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their heart. The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices. Haughty eyes, a proud heart, and evil actions are all sin.” – Proverbs 21:2‭-‬4 NLT

People are good at deceiving themselves into inconsistent and unjust behavior towards each other. People are good at justifying their sinful and wrong actions in their own minds. People are good at being swayed into all kinds of things when they claim themselves as the only ruler of their lives. 
And two things will prevail in that kind of self serving life – either lawlessness or a life waffling between pride and despair. This is because if we have no limits,  if there are no boundaries,  if we have no strong foundation on which to build upon, our own plans will prove to be our stumbling blocks. If we sell whole heartedly a life of self fulfillment and pleasure, others around us will suffer while we hoard for ourselves. If we seek a life of works and knowledge and self improvement, others will suffer by having to be around the proud,  arrogant,  and self righteous person we have become. 

Yes, there is something much better than the lawless rule of self endulgence or the rigidly legal rule of self improvement. I have Good News,  friend,  because there is a much better path. This path is narrow,  and you must choose to enter it by believing in Jesus Christ,  the Word of God, God come in the flesh to mankind to demonstrate the one way, the one truth,  the one life. 

Belief in this generates change,  because if you believe that He is Lord over your life and that you are no longer sitting upon the throne of your own life – you will realize that you don’t get to be the rule maker anymore. You don’t get to decide for yourself what is right or wrong in your own twisted mind. You have a straight path that has been laid out before you. You have a Lord who says,  “Follow me.” He gives us guidance and direction,  and we either prove that He is Lord over our lives or we prove that we serve a different master. 

So we should all all ourselves, “Do I believe? Do I love His instruction and want to follow His way? Or am I more interested in having it my way?”

I encourage you to know the heartfelt truth of these answers and see them played out clearly in your life today,  friend. Decide today who it is that you really serve. Do not claim one master by name and serve another in your heart – it will do you no good, friend. 

The Lord examines the heart. 

May He fill your heart today with conviction against sin, with peace and goodness towards one another, with forgiveness and mercy for the broken,  with boldness to share the truth with both the lawless and the legalistic. May He fill you with the fruit of His very nature and Spirit so that you might walk along His path and so that others might know today that you have been with the Lord and that you have chosen to abide with Him forever. 

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