The circumstances of life will change. You will face challenges,  hardships, betrayals, celebrations, and disasters. 
If your happiness is blown around by the particulars of each moment of each day – of how life and people “treat you” – you will recognize restlessness as a fleeting emotion that slips through your fingers like sand – every illusion of control will eventually prove you mistaken as you find that you are controlled by so many captors.
But if there is that foundational truth that you believe in, that grounds you in a firm faith and trust – you can be content, grateful, and even full of joy in the midst of the victories, the storms and the fiery trials of this life – and this type of surrender will free you from all of your captors. 
However,  if we are “too wise” to entertain such “foolish notions” of Good News from an Almighty God, of victory through surrender,  of freedom through slavery – what alternative will you offer us, you cold, dark, hopeless world – you life with no purpose – you death with no conqueror? 
Are “the enlightened” to be drunk with the poison of sin, and the blood of the saints, and the profits of oppression – to feed the very system that binds so many in addiction, in sickness, in slavery to every kind of hurt and treachery we perform against each other? 
#Jesus #OnChristTheSolidRockIStand #Believe

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