Faithfulness is not our works,

It is Him working in and through us. 
Faithfulness is not burdensome, 

But is a natural reaction to receiving an amazing gift of grace.


Faithfulness is birthed in Hope and grattitude,

That comes from BELIEF in our hearts, 

And drives KNOWING in our thoughts, 

And fosters REPRESNTING in our words, 

And confirms BEING in our actions,

By blossoming into the fruit of Love,

That aroma so pleasing to the saint, 

And so enviable and provoking to the sinner –
Love for God that is also a turning away from selfishness, 

Love for godliness that is a turning away from sinfulness, 

Love for serving others that is a turning away from complacency, 

Love for sharing this Good News that is a turning away from our being ashamed of the gospel, 

Love for conviction and discipline that is a turning away from our rebellion.