Paint on the Canvas

Just a thought:

If it’s easy for the enemy to paint us as enemies of one another, is it partially because we have not proven ourselves to be such close friends that the paint on top would be in such contrast to the canvas underneath that it couldn’t hardly be believed?

Isn’t it quite easy to simply enhance and exaggerate colors that were already there (that show our prejudices, our mistrust, our fear, and our division), but much harder to cover up one solid, vivid color (of overflowing love) completely with another?

Will we continue to get mad at the enemy for pitting us against one another, and mad at the others for believing what is being sold about us – how we are being repainted as enemies? Or will we prove ourselves so strongly to be a friend and a servant and in unity and in love that the lies could hardly be believed?

Or will we remain content lying about our hearts and being most content to look at the world as “them” and as “us”, with as much separation between the two as possible?


#BeTrue #LoveOrHate #WhoAreYou #WhatDoYouREALLYBelieve

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