Imperfect friends, Proud enemies

​If you know you’re imperfect,  I love you. Let’s be friends. Let’s help each other. 
If you think you’re perfect and that you never do anything wrong – I love you,  but I need you to stay far away from me and my family until you get yourself some help. 
Don’t be mistaken, I know that I’m imperfect. I’m not trying to be perfect. 
But I have found a better way than remaining where I was yesterday. It is a path of change that comes in trusting a higher authority than self, in an authority who does say this is right and that is wrong, but He also says even though you are imperfect I love you, and He says I’ll help you along the path if you love me and remain with me. 
Yes, it takes a commitment, and a surrender to walk in a different way, to follow a different path, but that doesn’t make me a proud, perfect warrior in my own eyes, but should keep me a humble, obedient child in my own eyes. 
You see, He wins my battles. If you see any strength, any love, anything precious and valuable, it’s just a reflection from me standing so close to my Father. 
And if you see my pride and love for goodness and kindness and honorable things, it’s my pride in Him and His ways more than hatred for the absence of those things.
You see, my hatred for rebellion and wickedness and evil is really just because I hate the idea that anyone would miss out on the blessing of His light shine down, the outpouring of His love spilled out, the freedom from those traps set by an enemy that seeks to destroy us. 
I hate that instead of running into the light, we shrink back and cower in the dark. I hate that we’ve been eating the poisonous fruit from the thorny weeds that grow in the darkness that we have become afraid of the nourishing fruit that grows in the light. I hate that we cower in shame because of the lies of the enemy, trying to hide or deny our nakedness and rebellion instead of simply acknowledging our error,  accepting His authority, receiving His grace,  and remaining in Faith, persevering to the end. 
So, no, I’m not perfect. I trust in the Lord that I will remain above reproach, but understand that I will be kept humble by my imperfections, because I am called to share this Good News, and I am called to follow in His footsteps. 
Don’t think that I am bold enough to talk about sins and dangers that I have not encountered myself – no, I do not point and laugh at what you are trapped in – that is not what I do. Those are lies the enemy whispers in your ear to try to discredit me.
I testify to what I have seen overcome in my own life. When I speak about wickedness and sinfulness that I have seen slain and trampled underfoot, it is my testimony of His power and authority and faithfulness. It is my testimony that the old life of sin that I loved so much was a lie and a trap. I’m simply a witness to the justice handed out against my captors,  those unseen enemies of truth, those who prey on the minds of my brothers and sisters still in captivity.
Do not let your sins,  your mistakes, take over your true identity. Do not let them claim your name. When I say that all ___________ shall not inherit the Kingdom of God, I hope that you can say,  that is not my name. Child of God, that is my name. 
And if you can’t say that you are a Child of God, I don’t want to see you cast into the pit. But I do want to see the poison and wickedness overcome by the light and destroyed and replaced with what is best and perfect – even if it isn’t yet, even if it is a slow process,  even if it is in His time and not my own,  I hope and pray that you will be delivered from whatever it is that controls your desires and that you will decide to lay it down, turn away from it, and walk back into the arms of your living Father, to be led by his hand along the path that is best. 

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