Not my religion

​I didn’t read the Bible and then feel comfortable enough with what it said to choose it as my religion. 
What sinner could honestly do that? 
No, my eyes were opened to the Truth and I looked at the Word of God and said,  “Wow, my life doesn’t line up at all with that. I really do need Jesus!” Then I repented,  confessed,  and I am walking yielded to His instruction,  with the Word of God as the authority in my life. No, I don’t get to choose what is right and wrong,  I’ve submitted myself to a higher authority than my own opinion. 
So, please forgive me for being a fool that just trusts in God’s Word and seeks to live a life following in my master’s footsteps. No, I’m not perfect. Yes, I have plenty of opportunities each day that humble me and remind me to thank Him for His grace and mercy and to talk with Him and to walk in a different way,  close to Him on that narrow path. 
I realize that many want to add or subtract from it so they can say to themselves, “That’s okay for me to do. That’s not really a sin. Don’t judge me.” And I used to see it that way when it wasn’t about avoiding the things that keep me in an abiding relationship with Him. 
But for me it’s not just about doing good or doing bad – it’s about whether I really love Him, His way,  His will and want to be in His house and close with Him, or whether I’m happier in the world and away from Him. For me,  obedience is not an obligation,  it’s a response from the grattitude of knowing how much I’ve been forgiven,  and it’s something that wraps me up close with Him free from the snare of the enemy that separated me from the One who loves me. 
My obedience is not works,  it is the reasonable service to my King,  my Lord. Even though I will only have the ashes of this life to lay at His feet, it isn’t my ashes that matter but my heart. 
That’s why I say it isn’t a religion,  but a relationship. It isn’t a measuring myself that either leads to guilt or pride, but it is a dedication to a living God who loves me and who proves His love daily,  even breath to breath – not with just things like prosperity, health, honor in the eyes of men – but with that nourishment others just can’t live up to love, joy, peace,  patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, self control. Yes, these things are learned and imparted to me the more that I remain in His presence, in His will, in His love. 
I am blessed beyond measure. Do not think me vain or proud, but please envy me for these blessings and receive them for yourself. He says seek, knock, and I will answer – so seek Him and wait for Him diligently until He returns. 

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