In my world, there are no good, only redeemed or lost. So don’t think that I am a hypocrite thinking myself good and others bad.

No, I know the Truth.

I’m not good. You’re not good.

We all need to REPENT and BELIEVE in order to be BORN AGAIN as a NEW CREATION.

See, many may think that this is my home, because they’ve seen the lies of my past with your own eyes. They may think that they know I am and ask themselves, “Isn’t that Jean’s son? Isn’t that the one that used to _____________.” – but I’m keeping it real,

I know the truth.

Look a little closer into my heart, and maybe you’ll see it too. Maybe you’ll wonder what happened to that boy you used to know. Wasn’t he chasing a different path, singing a different tune?

But you see, he’s dead. He got tired of playing the pointless games, chasing the next great hunger, thirsting for yet another drink at the well, storing up instead of sending out. There’s a new life in these bones, a new breath in these lungs, a new song in my step.

I know the Truth.

Jesus. The Truth, the Way, the Life.

I know Him.

More importantly, He knows me – and that changes everything.

#TheTruthKnowsMe #Redeemed

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